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Alumni Spotlight: Kendal Winge

Q and A with Kendal

What brought you to USC Sumter and what do you want to do with your degree?

Being a Student-Athlete brought me to USC Sumter, to not only keep playing the sport I love, but to also earn a great education. I want to major in business and have my own business program that deals with student-athletes. I want to help them improve and push themselves by not giving up.

What is most challenging as a college student?

The most challenging part of being a college student is adapting to the “college life.” We all have to step out of the box and start growing up. Being a student-athlete, you have to manage the time that you spend in the classroom and on the practice field. Being a student-athlete forces you to learn time-management, go off of a daily schedule, have communication with your professors and also be able to make mistakes and learn from them.

What is one skill you believe every USC Sumter student should possess?

One skill that I believe that every USC Sumter Student should possess is the ability to communicate. The key to success is being able to communicate with your professors inside and outside of the classroom. If you possess communication skills, you are destined to succeed as a USC Sumter student.   

What is/was your favorite class?

One of my favorite classes as a USC Sumter Student was Dr. Decker’s History class. Before having Dr. Decker's class, I was not very fond of history. I thought the subject was boring and the class was just another elective I needed to graduate. After attending Dr. Decker’s class, I became very interested in history. Dr. Decker can stand in front of the class and talk for the whole hour and thirty minutes and never lose anyone’s attention. He makes history fun and interesting for all of the students. From Dr. Decker I learned history always repeats itself and that is why knowing the history of our nation and so many others is important in life.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to start my own business or become a head coach at the college level.

What advice would you give to future USC Sumter students?

The advice that I would give future USC Sumter students is to get involved in and out of the classroom. Step outside of your box and figure out who you are.