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Students bring a variety of interests and talents to the USC Sumter campus. They also develop many new interests as members of the academic community. Students are encouraged to join student clubs or even to start their own! USC Sumter is home to a variety of organizations, one of which we are sure will be right for you!

Apeiron Society

Student organization that involves discussing controversial issues which citizens face each day. We meet every other Wednesday with varying topics.

Association of African-American Students

This group strives to increase cultural awareness, foster harmonious, interracial relations among all the members of the University Community, and promote the development of its members as individuals.

Band Ensemble

This group was established to bring together students who play various musical instruments. Prior band members and talented aspiring musicians are encouraged to be members of the ensemble.  Opportunities are presented to perform on and off campus.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry

BCM is a fellowship of college students seeking to find and implement God’s purpose for them and their world. Individual and community growth is sought through such experiences as fellowships, study groups, worship programs and service projects.

Blazin' Star Steppers

This group was formed to bring about social interactions in the form of dance and steps.  Any USC Sumter students interested in demonstrating positive attitudes expressed through innovative steps are encouraged to join.  Participates on the step team are challenged both mentally and physically.  Opportunities are presented to perform on and off campus.

Cheerleading and Stunt Team

Students, both male and female,  interested in performing acrobatic stunts and dance routines before athletic crowds and promoting the University at various functions are encouraged to join.  Positive attitude and a contagious campus spirit are required.

Cinema Club

This group enjoys movie entertainment along with community interaction. The club sponsors movies and film reviews on campus. The Cinema Club participates in regular movie viewings, movie discussions, and movie screenings for the campus.

Circle K

Sponsored by the Sumter Kiwanis Club and Circle K International, this group provides needed service to the community and practical leadership opportunities as well as good fellowship. Circle K strives to help young people in the community make their best effort, achieve their best and give their best back to the community.

Game Masters

This group provides a social connection to the students and the community through video games. Game Masters promotes friendly competition, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and self-expression. This club participates in frequent gaming, gaming discussions, and gaming tournaments.

Gospel Choir

This group was established to bring together the student body through song. The Choir promotes fellowship and spirited appreciation of gospel music.

Hunting and Fishing Club

This club is for Students, both male and female, interested in hunting and fishing. The H&F club promotes camaraderie, respect, and knowledge through hunting and fishing. The members of the H&F club will participate in scheduled meetings, hunting and fishing trips/events, and in-depth discussions relating to hunting and fishing.

Outdoor Adventure Club

This organization provides opportunities for students who are interested in outdoor recreation. The club participates in activities that are both mentally and physically challenging.

Protect Animals with Shelter (PAWS)

This organization is designed to help save and find homes for stray and abandoned animals in the Sumter community. It is through efforts of P.A.W.S., many animals are spayed and neutered thus helping control the pet population.

Recreation Club

This club provides challenging and enjoyable recreation pursuits for students who wish to participate in regular physical activity. This organization participates in structured and unstructured recreation activities. The Recreation Club supports intramurals, health and wellness, and physical activity by organizing, planning, and participating in recreational events for the campus.

Soccer Club

The Soccer Club provides recreational pursuits for students who wish to participate in soccer. This club participates in structured and unstructured soccer related activities. The Soccer Club supports intramurals, health and wellness, and physical activity by organizing and participating in soccer related events.

Student Education Organization

The SEO is a pre-professional organization for students in education who have not been active as career educators. The primary goal of this group is to help education majors make a smooth transition from the campus to the classroom.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is composed of the student body of the University of South Carolina Sumter. Participation by all students and each student organization is strongly encouraged in order to conduct student affairs effectively and serve as the liaison between the faculty, administration and the student body. Every USC Sumter student is eligible to vote in student government elections held each spring semester. Meetings are open to the public and all interested students are encouraged to attend.

The Stage

The Stage is USC Sumter’s drama club. This organization seeks to promote students and campus development through creativity in all aspects of theatre and theatre production.

University Ambassadors

University Ambassadors represent USC Sumter both on and off campus. The core duty of this organization is to assist with new student orientation (SOAR), but they also provide campus tours for prospective students and accompany the Admissions staff to various high school recruitment events. Students must have completed at least one semester at USC Sumter and be recommended by a faculty, staff or current University Ambassador before being considered.

USC Sumter Veterans (USCS VETS)

The purpose of the USC Sumter Veterans group is to provide a network of veterans, to include students, faculty, and staff as a tool for veterans to communicate with other veterans. The USCS Vets strive to build a core that allows for open discussion for all issues and problems that Veterans will face on a day to day basis in their collegial and personal lives. It will also serve as way to help form bonds and relationships without the fear of being judged, stereotyped or of repercussions. The group also provides activities to help with the control of stress, to include gatherings, trips, and dinners. The USCS Vets also work to build relationships with local community, business and Military Professional Groups and Organizations.