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A Class on the Net for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience

BCK2SKOL originated as a LISTSERV distribution list consisting of 30 lessons distributed over a six-week period in the spring of 1995 to approximately 200 South Carolina librarians. The course was revised based on participants' comments (and Internet developments) and was run again worldwide (to over 5000 subscribers) during the fall of 1995. These lessons were again revised and made available on the web in 1996, and significantly revised in the spring of 1997.

The BCK2SKOL lessons have been reviewed periodically to correct broken links (each page's date reflects the last revision). While the course continues to provide a very useful introduction to the Internet, the lessons in essence reflect the state of the net circa early 1997. After January 2000, no further revisions to the lessons will be made and links will not continue to be updated. The latest link updates were made October 20-22 1999.

Course Content: BCK2SKOL presents a beginner's course in the Net and its various tools targeted toward librarians and other information professionals. Lessons include information on participating in mailing lists, usenet newgroups, and cover basic Internet tools including telnet, ftp, and web browsers.

In addition, the class provides pointers to librarians on researching the Net in several academic subject areas.

Because of the vast array of computing situations and the variety of Internet software available, this course does not attempt to provide specific instructions for interacting with the Net. Rather than keystroke-by-keystroke instructions, the lessons cover basic Internet concepts and provide general procedures for using each Net tool most effectively. This is strictly a non-denominational Internet experience!

BCK2SKOL Lessons

NOTE: The USC Beaufort Library invites you to take a look at our latest creation:
"BARE BONES 101: A BASIC TUTORIAL ON SEARCHING THE WEB" designed for folks who don't/won't take the time to read "help" screens and just want a few tips and enough information about search engines to get started.

* "BCK2SKOL" is a free electronic library classroom created by Ellen Chamberlain, Head Librarian, University of South Carolina Beaufort, and Miriam Mitchell, Sr. Systems Analyst, USC Columbia. Additional support is provided by the Division of Libraries & Information Systems, University of South Carolina Columbia.

Your feedback and support for BCK2SKOL are appreciated; please email link updates, suggestions and comments to: eechambe@gwm.sc.edu

Permission to use and share material from Bck2Skol is allowed provided you adhere to certain stipulations.

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