A Class on the Net for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience


"Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer."

-- Charles Caleb Colton, 18??


  1. e) all of the above

  2. b) listserv@foobar.edu

    The key word here is "command." I'm sending a command to the computer so, of course, I want to send it to the Listserv. If I were to send it to a) the list, Somefun, everyone subscribed to my list would know I was leaving but the computer wouldn't and it would keep right on delivering my mail. If I were to send my command to c) the list owner or d) my service provider, neither would be amused.

  3. a) somefun@foobar.edu

    Same list, different objective. If I were to send my message to b) Listserv, the machine wouldn't be able to process it and would reject it. If I were to send my message to c) the list owner or d) my service provider, they still would not be amused.

  4. d) all of the above

    I just know you got this one right. If you didn't, please go back and reread Lesson 11. :-)

  5. d) spamming

    Who could ever forget "spam"! If you haven't had enough of it, however, go back to the Lesson 21 Assignmen t and serve yourself up another helping!

  6. b) logging on to a remote computer

  7. c) free-wheeling and carried on most Internet sites

  8. f) all of the above

  9. a) retrieve files from public archives on the Net and access private files on remote computers where I have an id

  10. e) all of the above

(You knew the last five, didn't you?)


Answers to Questions 11-14 are TRUE

Answers to Questions 15-20 are FALSE

(You knew that, too, right?)

Answer to Bonus Question:

e) Any or all of the above

(Be sure to keep this information in a safe place, readily available for those awful moments when you realize that you've lost, inadvertently discarded, or spilled coffee all over your only copies of these most valuable lessons.)

Answer to Extra Credit Search Question:

December 8, 1953

"December 8, 1953, Eisenhower delivers his "Atoms for Peace" speech at the United Nations proposing an international atomic energy agency and peaceful development of nuclear energy."

Source: http://history.cc.ukans.edu/heritage/abilene/ikeeven.html

Strategy: Librarians that you are, perhaps you keyed in on the key word Eisenhower, and checked the Library collection on Yahoo ( http://www.yahoo.com/reference/libraries) for Presidential Library information. If so, you'd have found a collection of major events in Eisenhower's presidency at the Eisenhower Center linked from that collection.

Others of you may have located the Eisenhower Center using one of the WWW search tools we covered in class, or you may have searched for "Atoms for Peace" using one of the search tools and found a the speech at: http://www.iaea.or.at/worldatom/glance/profile/atoms.html -- which notes both the date and the time of the speech: Tuesday 8 December 1953, 2:45 p.m.

And, still others of you may have found additional sources ...

In any event, it's kinda fun, isn't it? For several years, Rick Gates did this sort of thing on the Net with his "Internet Hunt." Every month he posted a new contest consisting of reference-type questions; participants would find the answers on the Net, and then explain exactly how they did it, step by step. The Hunt isn't active anymore, but in its time it helped a lot of folks learn how to locate information on the Internet.

Similarly, the STUMPERS listserv is designed for reference librarians seeking help in answering sticky reference questions that have them "stumped." You can subscribe to STUMPERS-L by sending an email message to:


and including the command:

sub stumpers-l

Contact address: Janet Sayre, Moderator (jsayre@anl.gov)

Stumpers members also allow non-subscribers to lurk, and post occasional questions (just be sure you let them know you're not subscribed, so they will send their replies to you as well as posting them to the list.)

Last, but not least, grade your own test paper, and congratulate yourself on a job well done! :-)

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