library policies

Issued by: Ellen Chamberlain, Director of the Libraries
Date: 02-05-96
Revised: 08-23-06


USC Beaufort has established its libraries on the North and South campuses for the use of students, faculty, administrative officers, and staff of the university.  The policies and procedures of the library are developed with emphasis on the undergraduate student as primary user.

Standards of Conduct

All library patrons are expected to show consideration of others and cooperate with other library users and staff.  A reasonably quiet environment should be maintained for the benefit of all persons in the library.  Food, smoking, and pets are prohibited.  Beverages in spill-proof containers are allowed.  Cell phone users are asked to turn them off when in the library.  Shirts and shoes must be worn.  Attempted unauthorized removal of library material can and will be treated as theft.  Defacing or destruction of property and materials will be considered a serious offense.  Campus Safety will be called to assist when needed.


Any person needing access to an academic library collection may use materials within the library. Borrowing privileges are limited primarily to holders of a current and validated university identification (ID) card.  By special arrangement, current paid members of the USC Alumni Association and valid card holders from member libraries of the Lowcountry Library Federation (LLF), Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning (OLLI), students 16 years and older and serious adult scholars in the two-county service area may borrow library materials.

Circulation of Library Materials

Books generally circulate for a three-week period and are due by the last date stamped on the date-due slip in the book.

Faculty and staff may keep books longer than the three-week period but such books are subject to immediate recall.  Faculty may borrow periodicals, reference books, microforms and other restricted materials for reference and research for a limited period of one week.  Some rare books in the Beaufort College Collection at North and the Rare Book Room at South do not circulate.

Circulation files are considered confidential by South Carolina law.  Library staff will not reveal the name of the person to whom an item is checked out.

Reserve Materials

Faculty may place required reading items on closed reserve in both print and electronic formats. Faculty are responsible for providing the library with a written list of the print items and for picking them up when the reserve period has ended.

Book and Periodical Orders

Book and periodical orders come primarily from faculty and library staff.  However, students and university employees may suggest book purchases to members of the library staff or the Library Director who will consider placing an order for the recommended items. The final decision to purchase any library materials rests with the library.  Allocations are library funds.

Responsible Computer Use

Public computers are to be used for academic research purposes only.  Electronic information, services, software and networks provided directly or indirectly by the library shall be accessible, in accordance with licensing or contractual obligations and in accordance with existing USCB computing services policies.  U.S. Copyright Law and contractual license agreements govern the access, use and reproduction of the electronic resources that the library makes available to its users.

All those who use the library’s public computers must do so in a legal and ethical manner, demonstrating respect for the rights of other users and a recognition of the importance of civility and responsibility when using resources in a shared academic environment.  Priority for use of these workstations is given to USCB students, faculty, staff, and others engaged in research activities.

The library does not control information available over the Internet and is not responsible for its content. Patrons should be aware that Internet sites may contain offensive or controversial material. Parents or legal guardians of minors are responsible for monitoring the library activities of their children.

Exhibitions of Library Materials

Library materials should not be removed from the collections for the purpose of exhibition outside the library.  Any faculty member desiring to request an exception to this policy should contact the Library Director.

Exhibit space in the library is reserved for materials from the library's own collections; however, the library welcomes the use of its display space by USC Beaufort faculty and staff.  Specific requests should be discussed with the Library Director.



Borrowers must present a current validated USCB picture ID card to check out library materials. Items may be renewed if presented in person at the library and if a “hold” for another patron has not been placed on the item.  Telephone renewals are not accepted.  Faculty members are expected to return all books annually, during the spring faculty/staff recall.  Those books that are still needed may be renewed at that time.

Submitting Orders

The libraries' collections are built  and strengthened by purchase requests submitted by faculty members as well as by members of the library staff.

Each academic department receives a portion of the annual materials budget allotted by the Faculty Library Committee.  This committee is composed of two representatives from each of the three divisions.  These representatives are selected by their respective division coordinators; they are responsible for allocating the division’s funds by department. . At any given time, division representatives may check the status of their funds with the Library Director or with the subject liaison librarians.

Standing Orders

The library has established standing orders with various publishers to receive specific materials as they are published.  Details may be secured from the Library Director.


Faculty, students and staff who have suggestions or encounter problems with library policies or procedures should first discuss the problem with the Library Director or with their representative on the Faculty Library Committee. 

If the discussions are not satisfactory, the procedure may be followed as necessary to the office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Policy approved by the Faculty Library Committee
Date: 12-12-03
Policy approved by the Chancellor’s Cabinet

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