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The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.I.S.) is designed for students who want to pursue interdisciplinary studies, especially students in a teacher preparation program desiring certification in more than one science area. The degree program is under the general supervision of the College Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee, and individual programs are administered by special interdisciplinary program committees. A student who wishes to undertake a program of interdisciplinary studies shall apply to the assistant dean of the College of Science and Mathematics.

Program Requirements

(128 hours)

1. General Education Requirements (43-54 hours)

For a general outline, see "College of Science and Mathematics."

2. Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements (74-85 hours)

Each student must complete a program of studies designed by an interdisciplinary program committee appointed by the assistant dean and approved by the College Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee. The program shall include a minimum of 36 semester hours of credit in major eligible courses in two or more fields. No course submitted in fulfillment of the general education requirements may be included in the program requirements.


The following procedures shall be followed in designing a program of interdisciplinary studies:

  • 1. The candidate shall apply to the assistant dean for declaration of an interdisciplinary studies program.
  • 2. The candidate must submit to the assistant dean a written statement of goals concerning a potential interdisciplinary studies program.
  • 3. The assistant dean will help the candidate formulate an interdisciplinary program committee, which shall consist of faculty members from the student’s areas of interdisciplinary interest. The members of the interdisciplinary program committee shall be appointed by the assistant dean, who will designate one member as chair and as the student’s academic advisor.
  • 4. The interdisciplinary program committee shall meet with the student and prepare a program of studies leading to the B.S. in interdisciplinary studies. The program shall include a written justification for the specific program of studies designed with the student. The program of study must be approved by the committee prior to the completion of 90 hours. The committee and assistant dean must approve any subsequent changes in the student’s program.
  • 5. The candidate’s academic advisor shall advise the student each semester and shall sign the necessary registration and other advisor’s forms. Advisement shall adhere to the student’s approved program of studies. The academic advisor shall consult with the interdisciplinary program committee for approval should deviation from the original program become necessary or advisable. All changes shall be registered with the assistant dean.
  • 6. The College Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee shall review and give final approval to individual programs of interdisciplinary studies.
  • B.S.I.S. Degree After Completion of One Year of Medical or Dental School. Upon application to the College of Science and Mathematics, a student who has completed 95 hours or more of degree-applicable undergraduate work at the University of South Carolina (with the last 30 hours in residence at the University) with a grade point average of 2.00 or higher, will be granted the B.S.I.S. degree provided that:

  • 1. The applicant has satisfied all graduation requirements for the B.S.I.S. degree in the College of Science and Mathematics, except for the final 33 hours.
  • 2. The applicant has not applied these USC credits to obtaining a baccalaureate degree from any institution.
  • 3. The applicant submits documents from an accredited medical or dental school demonstrating satisfactory completion of the first year of study leading to a postbaccalaureate degree.
  • 4. The applicant must have the program of study approved by the College Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee.
  • 5. The dean of the College of Science and Mathematics certifies that the requirements prescribed for the degree have been met.
  • Interested students enrolled at the University should consult the assistant dean of the College of Science and Mathematics for details concerning this option.

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