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The Division of Student and Alumni Services is concerned with all aspects of extracurricular activities on the University campus. The division provides diverse student development programs and services to enhance students’ college environment.

Student Activities

Alcohol and Drug Programs

USC’s Alcohol and Drug Education Programs provide prevention, education, and referral services for students. The area promotes highly visible, creative programs that focus on interaction and fun rather than alcohol and other drug use. These programs empower students who desire a drug- and alcohol-free learning environment. For additional information contact Alcohol and Drug Education Programs at 803-777-7130 or visit our Web site: www.sa.sc.edu/stlife/aod/alcohol.htm.

Campus Activities Center

The Campus Activities Center is located in the Russell House, West Wing, Lower Level. The center has information on all registered student organizations, as well as offices for the Association of African-American Students, Carolina Cares, Community Service Leadership Team, Fraternity Council, Gamecocks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol, Minority Assistance Peer Program, Sorority Council, and the Women Students’ Association. The center has a graphics area with banner supplies for the use of student organizations. The center also has a Resource Center, with assistance files and educational resources. The Campus Activities Center is the place to update organization files. All organizations are listed here. For more information come by the center or call 803-777-5780.

Carolina Productions

Carolina Productions is the student-run programming organization for the University of South Carolina. Carolina Productions sponsors a variety of social, educational, and cultural programs and events for the USC community. The organization is composed of eight student commissions that include: Cinematic Arts, Cultural Awareness, Concert, Homecoming, Ideas and Issues, Special Programs, and Traditional Events. Any student can work with one or more of the commissions in various roles and positions. Additionally, there are opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership skills by serving as members of the executive council or cabinet. Carolina Productions is an opportunity for all USC students to have a voice in the types of programs and entertainment they want on campus. The organization meets once a week and any student can attend. Carolina Productions is located in the Russell House Program Office, Office of Student and Parent Programs, Room 235. For more information stop in, or call 803-777-7130, or visit the Web site at www.sa.sc.edu/cp.

Community Service Programs

The Office of Community Service Programs exists to promote service and service-learning at the University of South Carolina. The office maintains a database of over 200 nonprofit agencies in the Columbia area, advises many student-service organizations, creates service projects for students, provides faculty with syllabi and grants for integrating service within their classes, and actively promotes awareness of needs and social issues in the greater Columbia area. For more information on how you can serve and learn, contact the office in the Campus Activities Center, West Wing, Lower Level of the Russell House, 803-777-5780, or visit the Community Service Programs Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/ocsp/ocsp.htm.

Fraternities and Sororities/Greek Life

There are 31 nationally affiliated fraternities and sororities at Carolina, allowing interested students the opportunity to belong to organizations with common goals of academic achievement, community service, leadership, and lifelong membership. The Office of Greek Life operates as a unit within the Department of Student Life, and it serves as a resource for over 2,000 Greek-affiliated students at the University of South Carolina. The key areas of focus include scholarship, leadership development, community service, and programming. Some of the services provided by the Office of Greek Life include advisement of Fraternity and Sorority Council, Alpha Omega, Alpha Series, Sigma Series, Greek Program Series, Greek Camp, and Greek Leadership Retreat. The office also recognizes Greek leaders at the annual Order of Omega awards night. In addition, the office supervises the Greek Housing Assistants, who provide leadership for the fratenities and sororities that live on McBryde Quadrangle and in South Tower. For more information, call 803-777-3506; visit the Office of Greek Life in the Campus Activities Center, located in the Russell House University Union, West Wing, Lower Level; or visit the Greek life Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/greeklife.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The University sponsors an extensive program in intercollegiate sports for men and women--football, basketball, soccer, track, cross country, baseball, equestrian, golf, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and softball.

The University of South Carolina is a member of the Southeastern Conference and its athletic teams regularly play teams of that conference as well as those of other institutions across the nation.

Among the facilities for athletics at the University are Williams-Brice Stadium, with a seating capacity of 80,250; Carolina Coliseum, which seats more than 12,400; and an all-weather track with stands for 2,500. The baseball stadium seats 5,000, and stands with a capacity of 2,000 are located at the Sam Daniel Tennis Center. The University Club provides the USC golf team with an excellent course for matches as well as practice. The George Terry Spring Sports Center and an indoor facility, including dressing rooms, along with a weight room located at the Williams-Brice Stadium, provide complete, modern facilities for varsity athletes. The Sol Blatt Physical Education Center provides extensive indoor space for student sports, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The basketball practice facility and volleyball competition site is adjacent to Carolina Coliseum.

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program offers a variety of sporting events with several skill levels offered to provide a positive experience for all participants. Men’s, women’s, and co-rec activities are available. Activities include flag football, soccer, tennis, softball, and swimming. Entries are accepted at the Office of Campus Recreation, Room 202, Blatt P.E. Center. The Intramural Sports Web site can be visited at: www.sa.sc.edu/pecenter/im.htm.

Leadership Training Programs

The mission of Leadership Training Programs is to provide programs and services designed to enhance the quality of student involvement, aid in the personal and leadership development of students, and encourage students to seek their full potential through training workshops, conferences, on-call organizational and leadership consultation, leadership recognition, special population programs, and leadership resources.

Programs and services offered include the Emerging Leader and Leadership Mentor program, the Student Leadership Training Conference, Leadership Recognition programs, LEAD (Leadership Enrichment and Development) Conference Leadership Resource Center, and coordinating the activities of the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is a select group of students who plan and implement these programs, as well as provide consultation for student leaders. For more information about these and other programs and services, contact Leadership Training programs at 803-777-5780, stop by the office in the Campus Activities Center, located in the Russell House University Union, West Wing, Lower Level, or visit the Leadership Training Programs Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/stlife/leader/lead.htm.

Multicultural Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provides a variety of services related to the concerns, problems, and needs of students of color at the University. Services include the Minority Assistance Peer (MAP) program, Brothers of Nubian Descent (BOND), Brothers and Sisters in Control (BASIC) Theatre, the Cap and Gown program, and seminars and workshops designed to educate the University community on minority issues. Annual programs include activities for Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Students Educating and Empowering for Diversity (SEED), advisement of the Association of African-American Students (AAAS), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Students Associated for Latin America (SALA). The office also provides recognition of outstanding students at its annual minority honors night (Cultural Celebrations of Excellence). For more information, call 803-777-5780 or visit our Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/omsa.

Outdoor Recreation

Individuals may rent camping equipment (stoves, lanterns, sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks). For information on rentals, call 803-777-3878.

Sports Clubs

A variety of sports clubs are offered to meet the participative needs of students, faculty, and staff. Sports clubs are registered student organizations. Clubs must be registered in accordance with the University and student government regulations governing student organizations. Sports clubs are formed by students who share a common interest in a specific sport. All clubs provide a program of instruction, recreation, and/or competition in a specific sport or recreational/physical activity. The key to a successful sports club is student leadership, student input, and student responsibility. As a student-initiated activity, the members of each club play an important role in determining the scope and direction of the club. Sports clubs expose students to new activities, continue and enhance skills already acquired, develop student leadership skills, provide opportunities for students to develop positive interpersonal relationships and promote an appreciation for cultural diversity, and enhance holistic development through leisure and physical activities. The following is a list of the sports clubs at USC: Carolina Bodybuilding and Fitness, Columbia Ballroom Dancing, Fencing, Judo, MC Kim’s Tae Kwon Do, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Rugby, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Team Handball, Modern Arnis, Mountaineering and Whitewater, Racquetball, Rowing, Scuba, Seidokan Aikido, Water Ski, Women’s Field Hockey, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Rugby, Women’s Soccer, and World Tae Kwon Do. Call 803-777-5261 or visit the Campus Recreation Web site at www.sa.sc.edu/pecenter/crec.htm for more information.

Student Fitness Programs

The primary goal of the fitness programs is to enhance the lifelong fitness pursuits of the USC community. A variety of activities are available to all USC students, faculty, and staff, including personal training and group exercise sessions.

There is time for fitness in everyone’s schedule, and the Campus Recreation Fitness Programs are a great way to stay healthy and fit. We look forward to serving the USC community all year long.

Over 40 group exercise sessions are offered each semester, including step, high/low, kickboxing, and yoga. In addition to group exercise sessions, cardiovascular equipment and weight equipment are also available for use. The cardiovascular equipment includes stairmasters, treadmills, elliptical machines, upright and recumbent bikes, and rowing machines. There are two weight rooms located in the Blatt P.E. Center for weight training.

Student Government

The University of South Carolina Student Government provides all students with the opportunity to participate in institutional governance. The executive branch (president, vice president, and treasurer) as well as the student senate (46 seats distributed by academic major) are elected in an annual election during the spring semester. Hundreds of appointed positions in the cabinet, special committees, and institutional committees are coordinated by Student Government. Student Government officials regularly meet with student organization leaders, Faculty Senate, University administrators, the Board of Trustees, and state and local government officials to represent and lobby for students. Contact Student Government at 803-777-2654 or visit the Student Government Web site at: www.sg.sc.edu.

Student Media

The Office of Student Media is comprised of The Gamecock newspaper (www.dailygamecock.com), Garnet & Black magazine, and WUSC-FM radio station (wusc.sc.edu). The Gamecock is published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the fall and spring semesters. Garnet & Black is published three times a year. WUSC-FM broadcasts nearly 365 days at year at 90.5 FM, with a broadcast radius of approximately 30 miles at 2,500 watts. Each medium is a student organization offering valuable experience to all interested students, regardless of major or experience. Located on the third floor of the Russell House, the Office of Student Media welcomes all students interested in broadcasting or any aspect of print journalism. For more information phone 803-777-3888 or visit the Student Media Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/studentmedia.

Student Organizations

There are nearly 300 student organizations at the University of South Carolina which serve the various needs and interests of students. Registered student organizations include religious, professional, honor, interest, international, political, sport, residence hall, military, media, Greek, and service organizations. The Office of Student Government and Student Organizations in the Russell House has information on all registered groups and will assist with the formation of new groups at Carolina. There is a wide range of activities offered through involvement in student organizations. For more information on any registered student organization, contact the Office of Student Government and Student Organizations at 803-777-2654 or visit the student organization Web site at: www.sa.sc.edu/stlife/studorg/studorg.htm.

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