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Campus Services

Automatic Banking Service

Four automatic teller machines are located on the Russell House patio. In addition, two automatic teller machines are located near the Moore School of Business and the Welsh Humanities Building.

Campus Recreation

The Office of Campus Recreation, a unit within the Division of Student and Alumni Services, offers services to meet the recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Participation in campus recreation programs is purely voluntary, and individuals do so at their own risk. Participants should be aware of the possibilities of bodily injury and should understand that they are responsible for any and all costs arising from injury or property damage sustained through participation.

Students interested in employment in capacities such as sports officials, group exercise instructors, office assistants, or lifeguards should contact the Office of Campus Recreation at 803-777-5261.

The Office of Campus Recreation offers many activities and programs throughout the year for student involvement. Below is basic information on the services and programs offered; however, for specific information, call 803-777-5261 or come by and visit the office in Room 202 of the Blatt P.E. Center. The Web address is www.sa.sc.edu/pecenter/crec.htm.

Carolina Dining Services

Carolina Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans. The campus meal plans combine a computerized meal-card system with the flexibility of 18 service locations, menus, and hours to meet student needs. The University ID card can be set up as a "meal plan" with a specified number of meals per week, or as a "cash card" with a specified cash balance. The card can also be set up with a "dual account," which is a combination of both a meal plan and a cash card.

Students may choose from dining options that include: specialty fast foods, a la carte meals, unlimited seconds, and a soft-serve yogurt shop. There are also two markets (convenient grocery stores) on campus.

The meal plans are:

  • 21-Meal Plan: Provides dining at all meals served during the week.
  • 16-Meal Plan: Provides dining at all dining areas for any 16 of the 21 meals served each week.
  • 14-Meal Plan: Provides dining at any 14 of the 21 meals during the week.
  • 10-Meal Plan: Provides dining at any 10 of the 21 meals during the week.
  • 5-Meal Plan: Provides dining at any 5 of the 21 meals during the week.
  • Cash Cards: Students may purchase meals with a computerized cash card, available in $10 increments.

Resident freshmen are required to purchase at least a 10-meal plan.

Special student nights are planned throughout the year for a change of pace in dining. The student newspaper or announcements posted in the cafeteria indicate dates of such events.

Catering services are also available. Refreshments for dorm parties, coffee breaks, cookouts, and other functions can be planned with the catering salesperson whose office is located in the Russell House, telephone 803-777-5892.

More information concerning Carolina Dining Services may be obtained through the dining service office located at 1718 College Street or by calling 803-777-4161. Information may also be obtained at the Customer Service Office located in the Carolina Mall in the Russell House or by calling 803-777-3577.

Russell House University Union

The Russell House, located near the center of the campus, serves as the "community center" for the University. The Russell House University Union (RHUU) provides facilities, services, and programs designed to afford opportunities for social interaction and leisure activities, facilitate cocurricular learning, enhance personal growth and development, and provide for many of the day-to-day campus life needs of USC students, faculty, staff, and their guests.

The facility contains spaces for meetings, a ballroom, lounges, a gameroom (Cocky's Corner Pocket), a movie theater, and a food court. Services provided include the Information Center (offering campus-wide information, a lost and found service, fax, and limited copy services) and assistance with meeting or event planning. The RHUU Office of Student and Parent Programs provides a variety of recreational, educational, and social activities for your education, entertainment, and enjoyment through three major areas: Alcohol and Drug Programs, Carolina Productions, and Parent Programs. In addition to coordinating all campus-wide programming, the office directs the campus-wide alcohol and other drugs prevention program, as well as coordinates parent involvement and resources. The Student and Parent Program staff recruits, trains, and advises students who either serve on the all-campus student program board, Carolina Productions, or the campus-wide alcohol and other drugs peer mentoring program, the RADICAL team. In addition, the Russell House contains office spaces for many student organizations and administrative offices for various student services within the Division of Student and Alumni Services. Carolina Dining Services operates several facilities throughout the building offering a variety of dining alternatives, from snacks or fast foods to full-course meals in the Grand Market Place Cafeteria. Carolina Mall offers students, faculty, and staff a variety of goods and services right on campus. The mall is located in the basement of the RHUU. Services available include student post boxes, a barbershop, a florist, and the Country Store (offering groceries and personal items). Food vendors include Sub City, Freshens yogurt, and Veggie Street (vegetarian fare). Other services located in and around the Russell House include Quick Copy Printing, automated bank teller machines, postal services, and student mailboxes. For further information, call the Russell House Information Center at 803-777-3196 or the Russell House administrative office at 803-777-8182, or visit the Web page at www.sa.sc.edu/rhuu.

Blatt Physical Education Center

Located on Wheat Street, the facilities of the Blatt Physical Education Center are available to all current students, faculty, staff, and dependents. Facilities are available at the P.E. center for the following indoor activities: badminton, basketball, dance studios, diving and swimming, handball/racquetball, squash, volleyball, two weight rooms, and cardiovascular exercise machines. Outdoor activities include: football, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis, and sand volleyball.

Daily reservations for use of the treadmills and EFX must be made in person. Reservations for squash courts, handball/racquetball courts, tennis courts, and use of the athletic fields and gymnasiums can be made by calling 803-777-5261.

To ensure the security of our participants, all students, faculty, and staff of the USC Columbia campus must possess and present a valid USC ID card to be admitted to the Blatt P.E. Center and to participate in campus recreation programs.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides accessible, convenient, high quality, low cost health care. The health services team is sincerely interested in your health and wants to be your partner in wellness.

Student Health Services provides on-campus medical, mental health, ancillary, and health and wellness services for students. Services include (1) ambulatory primary care at clinics and ancillary services located at the nationally accredited Thomson Student Health Center; (2) a comprehensive array of counseling, testing, and psychological and psychiatric services available at the nationally accredited Counseling and Human Development Center; and (3) a wide variety of wellness-oriented programs and educational services offered by the Office for Campus Wellness and the Office for Sexual Health and Violence Prevention. Additional information on these organizations is provided below. Students are encouraged to visit the various Student Health Services Web sites for additional information on clinics, services, and programs.

Eligibility, Confidentiality, and Cost

All USC Columbia students admitted to degree programs and enrolled in classes are eligible to use Student Health Services and to participate in its various programs. Eligibility verification is required, and students presenting for care should bring their student IDs or other picture IDs. Student Health Services has no authority to excuse students from classes for health-related reasons. (Excuses are a matter between the student and the concerned faculty member. Visit validation slips will be provided upon the student's request.)

Medical and personal information disclosed to health services providers will be treated as privileged and confidential in accordance with the laws of South Carolina. Student Health Services will not release information without the express consent of the patient, unless required by law, or by the need to protect the welfare of the patient or the public interest.

Students are responsible for payment of all health care related fees and charges. Student Health Services fees are generally lower than those charged by community providers. Unless a medical emergency exists, students should initially seek care at the Thomson Student Health Center (TSHC) or the Counseling and Human Development Center (CHDC).

Use of the TSHC and CHDC can significantly reduce health care costs for most students. For example, there are no charges for visits to the TSHC or CHDC for most full-time students and other students who pay the health fee portion of the University fee. Students who have not paid the health fee are charged a fee-for-service for visits. All patients are charged at student rates for certain procedures and ancillary services such as minor surgery, lab tests, X-rays, and prescriptions. Students who need specialty care, hospitalization, or other health care services not available at the TSHC or CHDC will be referred to community providers. Payment of community provider charges is the student's responsibility. Given the high cost of health care, all students are encouraged to carry health insurance coverage.

Health Insurance

Payment for health care is the student's responsibility, and it can be expensive. A costly health care episode can interfere with your ability to meet your educational goals. It is strongly recommended that all students be covered by adequate health insurance. USC requires all international students to be covered by an appropriate health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Coverage: Student Health Services recommends that you check with your parents/guardians, insurance agent, employer, or managed care organization to determine your coverage status while you attend the University of South Carolina. Be sure you have insurance cards and other key information, such as account numbers and authorization telephone numbers. If you are enrolled in an HMO, or other managed care plan, review rules on how the plan provides health care when you are away at school and cannot reasonably access network providers or "gatekeepers." Determine if your plan will reimburse you for services provided by Student Health Services.

Student Health Insurance Plan: Students who need health insurance coverage should consider purchasing coverage under the USC-sponsored student health insurance plan. Most students enrolled in degree programs and in good academic standing are eligible to purchase this plan. Spouses and dependent children of eligible students can also be covered. The plan meets the international student health insurance coverage requirement.

This health insurance plan is also used by six other state colleges and universities in South Carolina. It is designed to supplement primary care services available to students through USC's Student Health Services. Most care and services provided by Student Health Services are covered 100 percent. Unless an exception applies, covered students must initially present for care at Student Health Services. Referrals to network or other community providers are issued for specialty care, hospitalization, and other health needs not available through Student Health Services. The plan provides sound, economical coverage, with benefits designed to meet the health care needs of most University students. Students are reminded that USC neither sells health insurance, nor does it get any portion of the sponsored plan premium.

A Health Insurance Caution: The USC-sponsored plan does have deductibles, co-payments, and coverage and benefit limitations. Provisions such as these are common, in various forms, to most health insurance plans. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the plan prior to making a purchase decision. Because of pre-existing condition requirements and conversion option limitations, students with chronic illnesses or other health conditions should carefully compare plan coverages and review alternatives prior to switching from their current health insurance plan. If you are currently being treated for an injury or illness, you probably have a pre-existing condition situation and might have to wait up to a year for any benefits if you switch coverage.

Emergency Coverage Plan: All students who pay the University health fee are automatically covered by an accident and illness emergency care supplemental insurance plan (the A&I plan). The A&I plan is designed to supplement other health insurance coverage carried the students. The A&I plan reimburses students up to $500 for out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles and co-payments, associated with treatment of medical emergencies.

Need More Information? For details concerning the USC-sponsored Student Health Plan or the A&I plan, contact the Thomson Student Health Center, or visit our Web site at www.sa.sc.edu/tshc/thomson.htm and follow the "Insurance" links. Again, students do suffer illness and injury, and health insurance coverage, regardless of the carrier, is strongly recommended.

A Final Word: Student Health Services is here to help you avoid potential health problems as well as provide care and treatment in the event of sickness and injury. Again, we are sincerely interested in your health and want to be your partner in wellness. We’ll do our part, and encourage you to do yours. If you practice good personal hygiene, eat right, play smart, avoid risky behaviors, and get enough sleep, you will be heading in a healthy direction

Student Health Services Organizations

Thomson Student Health Center (TSHC) (803-777-3174): TSHC is located directly behind the Russell House. One of some 130 nationally accredited university student health centers, TCHC is staffed by seven board certified or board eligible physicians, three certified nurse practitioners, and appropriate numbers of registered nurses, most of whom are certified in college health nursing.

TSHC is open daily, Monday through Friday, except University holidays. A Sunday late afternoon and evening clinic is held during fall and spring semesters to manage urgent conditions.

No inpatient, overnight, or after-hours services are available. During the fall and spring semesters, an EMT-qualified first responder is on duty to assist students who need emergency treatment when the health center is closed.

Daily clinics at TSHC include general medicine and women's care. Ancillary services include pharmacy, diagnostic radiology, clinical laboratory, physical therapy, and travel immunization and allergy injection services.

Students are expected to make appointments to meet routine or other nonurgent requirements, to include non-acute illness, health screening and testing, physical examinations, and information and advice pertaining to lifestyle and behavioral matters. Acute illness and injuries are seen on a walk-in basis.

Students are encouraged to initially seek medical care at TSHC. If a medical need cannot be appropriately managed at TSHC, a referral will be made to a local specialist or hospital, or other provider requested by the patient.

Counseling and Human Development Center (CHDC) (803-777-5223): CHDC is located on the 7th Floor of the Byrnes Building at the corner of College and Sumter streets. CHDC, a fully accredited counseling center, offers brief outpatient psychiatric intervention; psychological services, including individual and group counseling and biofeedback and psychological testing services; and limited social work support for Columbia campus students. CHDC also operates one of the few University-based psychology Ph.D. intern programs that are nationally accredited by the American Psychological Association. Permanent clinical staff includes five Ph.D. psychologists, a psychiatrist, and a social worker.

Students who need inpatient care, extended outpatient services, or other clinical care that exceeds the capabilities of CHDC, are referred to community providers.

Professional staff clinical evaluation and management services are free to all students who have paid the health fee portion of the University fee. These services are provided on a fee-for-service basis for all other students.

CHDC is open daily, Monday through Friday, except University holidays. Appointments are required except for acute or urgent situations.

Office for Campus Wellness (803-777-8248): This office offers highly visible, convenient, and accessible services and programs of instruction, information, assistance, and guidance designed to help students live at high levels of wellness and strive for optimal health. The campus wellness staff consists of two professional master's-degreed health educators, graduate assistants, and groups of peer educators (students who have been trained specifically on college health issues). This staff provides services, programs, and information on all aspects of health. The office is located on the first floor of the Thomson Student Health Center, with entrances through the main level (go down one floor) and through a street-level entrance on the back of the building, facing the Bull Street Garage. Most of the services are available to students at no cost. Key program elements include the following:

  • Open Door Drop-In Center is open Monday through Friday (except University holidays) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., no appointment necessary. The center provides one-on-one health consultations and information on blood pressure, weight management, exercise, nutrition, and more. The center is staffed by trained peer health educators.
  • P.E.E.R.S. (Promoting, Educating, and Encouraging Realistic Self-image) serves as a resource to help create a positive environment concerning body image, food issues, and self-esteem. Members are available to confidentially answer questions to help interrupt the continuum of disordered eating. They make presentations to various campus groups and address these issues among the Greek community.
  • WellnessWorks offers numerous of health education services, classes, and wellness programs for students, faculty, and staff including stress management, weight management, and CPR certification. Many of these are offered in partnership with campus recreation programs. Program offerings, availability, and schedules vary. Call 803-7776518 for detailed information.

Office for Sexual Health and Violence Prevention (803-777-7619): This office provides comprehensive programs and services that address the concerns of sexual health, sexual assault, and relationship violence. The office is staffed by three professional health educators, social work interns, and graduate assistants. Major activities are summarized as follows:

  • Sexual Health Programs provides educational programs for the University community and individual consultation about sexual health, sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships; develops campuswide campaigns to raise awareness of sexual health concerns; and provides targeted education to reach the special needs of a diverse student population. Also provides instruction to first-year students through affiliation with the University 101 program.
  • Sexual Assault Services educates students, faculty, and staff about issues related to sexual assault risk reduction strategies and provides 24-hour crisis intervention and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, including accompaniment to the emergency room; accompaniment through criminal and student judicial processes; referrals; Sexual Assault Survivors’ Group; and academic assistance. The office consults on issues and policies related to these issues and appropriate campus safety matters.
  • Relationship Violence Services provides 24-hour emergency crisis intervention and advocacy, temporary "alternative housing" for both on-campus and off-campus students, safety planning and options counseling, relationship violence survivors' groups, and educational programs on topics of relationship violence risk reduction strategies and "safety planning."

For emergency assistance contact the USCPD dispatcher at 911 if on campus, and 803-777-4215 if off campus. Office for Sexual Health and Violence Prevention staff are available during business hours Monday through Friday, and are on-call for after hours emergencies. The office is located on the first floor of the Thomson Student Health Center.

University Bookstore

The Russell House Bookstore, located on the first floor, sells required textbooks, supplies, Carolina clothing, and various other types of merchandise and services. In addition, the bookstore stocks gift items and greeting cards and maintains an extensive general book department. Call 803-777-4160 for more information.

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