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European Studies

Donald J. Puchala, Acting Director


The department offers a bachelor of arts degree with a major in contemporary European studies. The undergraduate major in the European Studies Program is designed to provide a broadly based, interdisciplinary foundation for undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences who are interested in contemporary European history, geography, politics, and economics. It encompasses an examination of recent developments throughout Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Mediterranean region. CESP majors are required to develop a working knowledge of a second European language and to acquire some experience studying in the region. Each student is required to develop a program of study that combines work from two or more academic departments. Academic advisement is done by the program director in consultation with faculty from the participating departments.

Faculty associates include Gerasimos Augustinos, history; William Edmiston, French; Wolfgang Elfe, German; Karl Dahlman and Julian Minghi, geography; Kristia H. Finnigan, D. Bruce Marshall, and Gordon Smith, political science.

Degree Requirements

(120 hours)

1. General Education Requirements (53-62 hours)

For a general outline, see "College of Arts and Sciences."

2. Major Requirements (30 hours)

Courses selected from the approved CESP list with at least two different departments represented (15 hours)
CESP 300 (3 hours)
CESP 490 (3 hours)
CESP 495 (6 hours)
CESP 499 (3 hours)

3. Cognate or Minor (12-18 hours)

4. Foreign Language (6-12* hours)

5. Electives

*CESP students must demonstrate proficiency in one modern European foreign language approved by the advisor at the advanced level by completing 6 hours in courses usually numbered 300 and above. Courses in that foreign language at the intermediate level (200 level), if needed as prerequisites, may be applied to the general education humanities requirement.

Course Descriptions (EURO)

  • 300--Introduction to European Studies. (3) Team-taught interdisciplinary seminars, lectures, and readings with guest lecturers.
  • 490--Senior Seminar. (3) (Prereq: applicable to EURO major only) Topics in contemporary European studies.
  • 499--Senior Thesis. (3) (Prereq: applicable to EURO majors in their senior year) Approval of topic by EURO advisor(s).

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