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Dear Student,

In order for the university to better manage student registration and fee payment, the due date to pay tuition and fees is changing for the fall 2014 semester. Please make sure your tuition and fees are paid by 5 p.m. on August 13 to avoid cancellation of your classes. Please note that this date is earlier than prior years. Bills will be available for view via Self Service Carolina (SSC) in mid-July.

Review your tuition bill as soon as it is available on SSC. Look to make sure that your charges, tuition reductions and financial aid have all been processed as you expected.

Make sure that all steps to secure your financial aid to assist with your payment have been completed. Check the status of your financial aid via your SSC account to ensure that all of your requirements have been satisfied.

If you have funds coming from 529 plans, outside scholarship providers, and/or trust accounts, be sure to provide a copy of your tuition bill to your plan administrator/donor to ensure that they have the funds to us in a timely manner. Please note that some companies can take weeks to send your funds.

Take advantage of the convenience of paying your bill on-line via SSC using our E-check or credit card option. If you must mail your payment to our office, please do so by our mail-in deadline which is August 1 to ensure that payments are processed before class cancellations.

To assist you with making your payments, the university provides a payment plan option for you. You will need to have 25% of your balance due after all assistance has applied to your account plus a $75 admin fee to set up your payment plan by August 13. The remaining balance will need to be paid by Sept 10 (25%), Oct 10 (25%) and Nov 10 (25%). To set up a payment plan, you will need to specifically select the payment plan option in SSC. Simply paying 25% of your balance due will not complete your payment plan enrollment.

Thank you,
Bursar's Office

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