Cooperative Education

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

Students receiving any type of financial assistance or scholarships through the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships should determine what impact, if any, co-op earnings may have on current or future financial aid eligibility.  It is the student’s responsibility prior to starting co-op to:

  • Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship

  • Know financial aid application deadlines which vary according to aid type and time of the academic year

  • Maintain an accurate mailing address and contact information to enable the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to commuincate with you

The Career Center will notify the Registrar’s Office of working co-op students.  The Registrar’s Office will indicate the student’s co-op status on the student’s electronic record.  For students receiving Guaranteed Student Loans, this indicator will provide the required verification to lenders that the student qualifies for continued deferment just as if he/she was enrolled full-time.  Working co-op students are still considered fully enrolled students.