Current University Status
Safety Tips

Several armed robberies in areas surrounding campus recently.? Be aware and safe this weekend.

Recently, there have been multiple armed robberies in the City of Columbia, near campus.? Members of the Carolina Community are encouraged to follow the below safety and crime prevention tips:

- Travel on major sidewalks along major streets and avoid shortcuts. Well lit and well-traveled routes are best.

- The University has and encourages the use of several available shuttle services for transportation to and around campus such as the Evening Shuttle, Late Night Shuttle, APO, and others. Please go to for more information.

- Have a plan before going out. Make sure your friends know not to leave you alone or let you leave anywhere with someone other than the friends you came with. Stay in a group as much as possible.

- The best mode of travel is by vehicle but if you do choose to walk, travel in large groups and never alone. The larger the group of people you are with, the better (four or more is best).

- Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If a place or situation doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Leave.

- If you feel unsafe or see suspicious activity or persons, seek safety in a well-populated area or building and call the police immediately by dialing 911.

Also? this holiday weekend there are traditionally more parties and consumption of alcohol.? Although we want everyone to have a good time, the following safety tips should be followed to help in the prevention of becoming a victim of a crime or sexual assault:

- Do not immediately trust a person you just met at a party or other social gathering.

- If you choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly and do not allow yourself to become intoxicated. Alcohol impairs your rational decision making.

- Do not accept alcoholic or soft drinks from persons you do not know very well and never leave your drink unattended.?

- Do not allow strangers to ride in your vehicle or accept rides from persons you do not know very well.

- Travel on major sidewalks along major streets and avoid shortcuts. Well lit and well-traveled routes are best.

- Most sexual assaults are committed by someone known by the victim or an acquaintance.

- If someone makes an unwanted sexual advance, immediately and firmly say ?no.?

Remember, if you feel unsafe or see anything that looks suspicious call law enforcement immediately by dialing 911.