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Emergency Procedures: Active Shooter

Call USC Police at 911 as soon as possible and relay the following information:

  • Location of the incident
  • Type of incident
  • Subject's physical description
  • Subject's location and/or direction of travel
  • Weapon information
  • Stay on the phone until released by the dispatcher
  • If you cannot speak, dial 911 and leave the line open to allow the dispatcher to hear what is going on at your location

  • If you can evacuate, do so
  • Trust your instincts


  • Take shelter in the nearest room, office, closet (preferably somewhere with a lockable inward opening door)
  • Lock and barricade the door with anything you have available (desks, file cabinets, other furniture)
  • Cover any windows that may be in or near the door
  • Look for alternate escape routes (windows, additional doors, etc.)
  • If jumping from a window is a safe or viable option
    • Break the window if necessary
    • Make an improvised rope from clothing, belts, etc. if necessary
    • Hang by your hands to minimize the distance you will fall
  • Stay low to the ground and remain as quiet as possible remembering to silence your cell phone
  • Do not answer the door for anyone

  • Taking out the shooter is a serious decision ONLY YOU can make- maintain a survival mindset
  • Position yourself in a location that will allow for the element of surprise if the shooter enters
  • Prepare yourself to attack the shooter should he enter by identifying improvised weapons
    • Throw items at the shooter's face to cause a distraction and disrupt his aim
    • Attack in a group creating multiple points of opposition
    • Swarm the shooter and control his extremities and head to control him; pin him to the ground
    • Continue the fight until your are certain he is no longer a threat
  • Once the shooter is incapacitated Call 911 and advise the police
    • Move weapons away from the shooter and use a trash can or other container to control it  (do not pick up the weapon)
    • Raise your hands and drop to your knees obeying any commands from responding law enforcement
    • Provide first aid to injured victims


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