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Carolina Core Courses

The Carolina Core curriculum has 10 Core components, each with learning outcome and credit hour requirements. The Carolina Core Requirements Chart shows what students need to take.

Types of Carolina Core Courses

  • Foundational Courses
    apply across disciplines early in the undergraduate experience
  • Integrative Courses
    apply in discipline-specific majors near the end of study
  • Overlay Courses
    offer students the option of meeting two (2) Core learning outcomes in a single course, students may not take more than two overlay courses to complete Core requirements.

Honors students have access to additional honors courses that may satisfy the Carolina Core requirement.

To see which foundational courses fulfill each area of learning, use the filters to search the table below. The list of integrative courses can be downloaded as a PDF.

Click on the course number to view a sample syllabus.

Foundational Carolina Core Courses
Course Title Learning Outcome
ENGL 101
Arts and Sciences
Critical Reading and Composition
CMW Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication (Writing)
ENGL 102
Arts and Sciences
Rhetoric and Composition
INF Information Literacy
CMW Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication (Writing)


Students who have questions about the Carolina Core should contact their academic advisor or undergraduate College office.

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