The Case for Carolina

$4.1 billion reasons to cheer

The University of South Carolina forges relationships, collaboratives and partnerships with business and industry to help grow jobs and personal prosperity. The total impact of our eight campuses exceeds $4.1 billion in goods and services from alumni wages and business activity resulting from non-state funded expenditures. Because of the distribution of alumni and the campuses, this is indeed state-wide impact.

USC supports 52,872 jobs, where one of out of every 37 jobs in the state are traceable to USC's financial influence either directly or indirectly, with 13,967 actual University employees. Further, USC and our alumni contribute about $75 million more to the state's tax coffers than the university receives in general funds.

Innovista: Results speak for themselves

Progress continues for Innovista through job creation, increased research partnerships, and startup companies generated through the work of USC faculty. Perhaps the most publically noted success for Innovista this year was the announcement by Bill and Lou Kennedy of the movement of a portion of Nephron pharmaceuticals manufacturing business to South Carolina, which will create more than 700 jobs and invest more than $300 million in our community. They credited Innovista and the innovative curriculum at the S.C. College of Pharmacy as the reason for that move.

Other highlights include several private companies originally slated to be Horizon II tenants that have co-located in the IT-oLogy building on Gervais Street and represent more than 200 jobs in this growing IT cluster. Steady growth can be attributed to USC startup companies as well as emerging research technologies.

Largely due to the fuel cell research being done in our Horizon I labs, LoganEnergy Corp. announced in September the opening of a new facility and with it 15-25 new jobs in the region. Additionally Nitek, a fast growing startup created by USC faculty, has moved into the USC SCRA Innovation Center with 14 employees and plans to double this number in two years. In 2011, two of the 45 startup companies in our Technology Incubator surpassed $2 million in sales.

Your Flagship University System

The University of South Carolina has a new and vibrantly defined mission. Our strategic direction includes expanding opportunity to our citizens who are placebound and increasing the educational attainment of South Carolinians. We continue to lead; we are innovators who are looking at South Carolina's most pressing challenges and boldly addressing them. There is great promise in this new year for our students and our graduates who intend to build a new hope for our state.

Lauren Newton

Clemson, SC - Political Science

Lauren Newton

"Coming to USC was a big leap for me, especially since I grew up in a small town. But once I made the decision, I've never looked back. If I didn't come to USC, I don't think I would have travelled as much as I have. I've been to South Africa, Taiwan and Spain. These experiences have given me unique perspectives of people and places and the opportunity to become self-reliant. The staff and faculty at the university have helped me realize my dreams and aspirations and focus my career goals. The university is a perfect fit for me."


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