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Faculty Experts: Department of History

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Bobby Donaldson: post-Civil War American, Southern and African-American history; race relations; Southern culture and politics; South Carolina history; education; Civil Rights
Don Doyle: American history; social history; Southern history; nationalism
Walter Edgar: Culture, history and politics of the South and South Carolina
Marjorie Spruill: U.S. Women's History
Patricia Sullivan: Civil Rights; Black-white relations in the U.S.; 20th Century African-American and Southern history

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African-American history: Bobby Donaldson, Patricia Sullivan
Civil Rights: Patricia Sullivan, Bobby Donaldson
Post-Civil War American History: Bobby Donaldson
Race relations: Bobby Donaldson, Patricia Sullivan
South Carolina culture: Walter Edgar
South Carolina history: Walter Edgar
South Carolina politics: Walter Edgar
Southern culture: Walter Edgar, Bobby Donaldson
Southern history: Walter Edgar, Don Doyle, Patricia Sullivan
Southern politics: Walter Edgar, Bobby Donaldson
Women's history, U.S.: Marjorie Spruill