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Faculty Experts: College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management

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Kevin Ayres: Hospitality Management Strategies

Matt Bernthall: sport fan and participant motivation, sport marketing ethics, professional wrestling, sport marketing in general

Dan Berry: retailing, furniture industry, appliance industry, electronics industry, tire and battery industry

Robert G. Brookshire: technology project management, database management, web development, technology adoption in the hospitality industry

Matthew Brown: public funding of stadiums, stadium financing, sport administration, sport event management, variable ticket pricing, economic impact of sporting events

David Cárdenas: Tourism Planning, Sustainability

Jason Carpenter: retail in general, retail consumer behavior, demographic groups, store choice, consumer policy, international trade in the textile and apparel industries, credit responsibilities, management of retail brands

Richard Clodfelter: retail buying and merchandising, e-commerce, price-scanning accuracy, entrepreneurship education

Ed Coon: Security Management

Dr. Robin DiPietro: Multi-Unit Management in the Hospitality Industry, HR issues related to Foodservice Management

Rick Ganr: Contract Food Service, Catering, Special Event & Wedding Planning

John Gerdes: Web-based data mining, knowledge management, electronic commerce, distance learning, data security

John Grady: ADA Compliance in sport and entertainment facilities, intellectual property law issues in sport and entertainment, service quality in sport and entertainment, website accessibility for people with disabilities

Peter Graham: sport marketing, club and resort management, sport organizations and special events

Cathy Gustafson: Private Clubs & Resorts, Restaurant Trends, Catering & Special Events

Dr. Rich Harrill: International Tourism and Economic Development
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Annette Hoover: Events, Festivals, Wedding and Non-Profit plus the use of grant writing for non-profits

Scott Hendrix: accounting, valuation analysis

Dr. Simon Hudson: Tourism Marketing

Jiyeon Kim: visual merchandising, Internet retailing, product-visualization technologies, online consumer behavior

Jung-Hwan Kim: consumer behavior, e-commerce, competitive marketing strategies

Dr. Sheryl Kline: Hotel and Lodging Management, Training & Organizational Development

William Knapp: Food Production Management, Purchasing and Controls, Club Management, Sustainability

Karen Lear: fashion merchandising, human-resource management, employment law

Joseph "Ricky" Lefft: athletic agents, sports law, contract negotiations

Dr. Xiang (Robert) Li: Tourism Marketing and Research Methods

Dr. Fang Meng: Tourism Economic Development, Destination Marketing, Tourist Behavior

Dr. Brian Mihalik: Tourism and Hospitality Administration

Elizabeth Morton: Human Nutrition

Mark Nagel: sport finance, management practices of sport organizations, sport law

Dan Norris: technology adoption, information communication technology integration and valuation, mobile technology applications

Dr. Charles Partlow: Strategic Management, Restaurant & Food Service Management, Quality Improvement

Karen Patten: information technology management and leadership, small business IT management, wireless and mobile telecommunications, IT project management

Susan Reeves: accounting, accounting software

Tom Regan: economic impact studies, regional economics, finance of facilities, economic impact of pro sports, naming rights of stadiums and their stock prices

Frank Roach: Booking trends and issues in public facility management, organizational structure in public facility management, ownership and organizational structure effect on profitability in live entertainment, trends and issues in live family entertainment, contract negotiations in public facility management and live entertainment, event management

Neal Smoak: Restaurant Operations

Christian Stegmaier: Hotel & Restaurant Operations in Natural Disasters, Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality Law

Dr. Sandra Strick: Conference and meeting planning, multicultural human resources management, employee development and training, wine and spirits education

Kitty Strickland: various aspects of the fashion industry, including merchandising, trends and retailing

John Taylor: accounting, tax laws

Dr. Ercan Turk: Tourism Economics and Tourism Administration

Jana Xanthakos: Private Clubs & Resorts, Hotel Lodging, Sales & Marketing

Dr. Li-Ting (Grace) Yang: Hotel & Lodging Management, Hospitality Accounting & Finance, Human Resources Management

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  • Accounting: Scott Hendrix, Susan Reeves, John Taylor
  • ADA Compliance in sport and entertainment facilities: John Grady
  • Agricultural tourism: Rich Harrill
  • Appliance industry: Dan Berry
  • Athletic Agents: Joseph "Ricky" Lefft
  • Baseball: Matt Bernthal
  • Booking trends: Frank Roach
  • Business communication: Peter Cardon
  • Catering: Sheryl Kline, Jules Pernell
  • Chinese business communication: Peter Cardon
  • Club management: Peter Graham
  • Competitive marketing strategies: Jung-Hwan Kim
  • Conference and meeting planning: Sandra Strick
  • Consumer behavior: Jung-Hwan Kim
  • Consumer policy: Jason Carpenter
  • Contract (sports) negotiations: Joseph "Ricky" Lefft
  • Contract (facility) negotiations: Frank Roach
  • Contract (live entertainment) negotiations: Frank Roach
  • Country clubs: Peter Graham
  • Credit responsibilities: Jason Carpenter
  • Data Security: John Gerdes
  • Distance learning: John Gerdes
  • Database management: Robert G. Brookshire
  • Demographic groups: Jason Carpenter
  • Destination management and marketing: Rich Harrill
  • E-commerce: Richard Clodfelter, Jung-Hwan Kim
  • Economic impact of professional sports: Tom Regan
  • Economic impact of sporting event: Matthew Brown
  • Ecotourism: Rich Harrill
  • Electronic commerce: John Gerdes
  • Electronics industry: Dan Berry
  • Employee development and training: Sandra Strick
  • Employment law: Karen Lear
  • Entertainment, trends in live: Frank Roach
  • Entertainment marketing: Matt Bernthal
  • Entrepreneurship: Richard Clodfelter
  • Ethics in sports: Matt Bernthal
  • Event management: Frank Roach
  • Facilities (sports), finance of: Tom Regan
  • Facility management: Frank Roach
  • Fan issues: Matt Bernthal
  • Fan expectations: Matt Bernthal
  • Fan motivation: Matt Bernthal
  • Fan perceptions: Matt Bernthal
  • Fan psychology: Matt Bernthal
  • Fashion merchandising: Kitty Strickland, Karen Lear
  • Fashion trends: Kitty Strickland
  • Food tourism: Rich Harrill
  • Furniture industry: Dan Berry
  • Greenways: Rich Harrill
  • Heritage tourism: Rich Harrill
  • Hotel marketing: Brumby McLeod, Charles Partlow
  • Hotel sales: Brumby McLeod
  • Human-resource development: Barney Allman, Karen Lear
  • Information communication technology: Dan Norris
  • Information technology management and leadership: Karen Patten
  • Intellectual property law issues in sport and entertainment: John Grady
  • International business communication: Peter Cardon
  • International trade in the textile and apparel industries: Jason Carpenter
  • Internet retailing: Jiyeon Kim
  • Knowledge management: John Gerdes
  • Live entertainment: Frank Roach
  • Lodging management: Sheryl Kline
  • Lodging reservation systems: Brumby McLeod
  • Management of retail brands: Jason Carpenter
  • Management of sport organizations: Mark Nagel
  • Marketing: Peter Graham
  • Mobile technology applications: Dan Norris
  • Multicultural human resources management: Sandra Strick
  • Naming rights of stadiums: Tom Regan
  • NASCAR: Matt Bernthal
  • Olympics: Peter Graham
  • Online consumer behavior: Jiyeon Kim
  • Price-scanning accuracy: Richard Clodfelter
  • Private clubs: Cathy Gustafson
  • Product-visualization technologies: Jiyeon Kim
  • Regional economics: Tom Regan
  • Resort management: Peter Graham
  • Restaurant management: Kitty Strickland, Jules Pernell
  • Restaurant marketing: Charles Partlow
  • Restaurants: Sheryl Kline
  • Retail buying and merchandising: Richard Clodfelter
  • Retail brands (management of): Jason Carpenter
  • Retail consumer behavior: Jason Carpenter
  • Retailing: Kitty Strickland, Dan Berry
  • Sanitation: Jules Pernell
  • Small business information technology management: Karen Patten
  • Small business management: Barney Allman
  • Special events: Peter Graham
  • Spectator preferences: Tom Regan
  • Sport administration: Matthew Brown
  • Sport finance: Mark Nagel
  • Sport law: Mark Nagel
  • Sport organizations: Peter Graham
  • Sport tournaments: Peter Graham
  • Sporting event management: Matthew Brown
  • Sports law: Joseph "Ricky" Lefft
  • Sports management: Matt Bernthal
  • Sports marketing: Matt Bernthal, Peter Graham
  • Sports marketing, ethics of: Matt Bernthal
  • Sports popularity: Matt Bernthal
  • Stadium financing: Matthew Brown
  • Stadiums, public funding of: Matthew Brown
  • Store choice: Jason Carpenter
  • Sustainable community development: Rich Harrill
  • Sustainable Tourism: Rich Harrill
  • Tax laws: John Taylor
  • Technology adoption: Dan Norris
  • Technology in the hospitality industry: Robert G. Brookshire
  • Technology project management: Robert G. Brookshire
  • Textile and apparel industries (international trade in): Jason Carpenter
  • Ticket pricing: Matthew Brown
  • Tire and battery industry: Dan Berry
  • Tourism administration: Ercan Turk
  • Tourism economics: Ercan Turk
  • Tourism development: Rich Harrill
  • Tourism marketing: Robert Li
  • Urban planning: Rich Harrill
  • Valuation analysis: Scott Hendrix
  • Visual merchandising: Jiyeon Kim
  • Web development: Robert G. Brookshire
  • Web-based data mining: John Gerdes
  • Website accessibility for people with disabilities: John Grady
  • Wine and spirits education: Sandra Strick
  • Wireless and mobile telecommunications: Karen Patten
  • Wrestling (professional): Matt Bernthal
  • Youth gambling: Tom Regan