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Faculty Experts: School of Journalism and Mass Communications

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Shirley Staples Carter: Diversity, ethics, women and leadership, freedom of information, government.
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Doug Fisher: news media operations, ethics, media management, broadcast news, new media/media convergence, editing and language
Augie Grant: media audience behavior, media industry organization and economics, telephony (wired and wireless), computers and networking, consumer research (qualitative and quantitative), television and radio ratings
Cecile Holmes: faith, values in the mass media, religion in America, women in religion, ethics, race relations, religious/ethnic diversity
Hugh Munn: Crisis public relations
Andrea Tanner: health communications, journalism education, media convergence, public health and the media

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Broadcast News: Doug Fisher
Computers and networking: Augie Grant
Consumer research (qualitative and quantitative): Augie Grant
Crisis public relations: Hugh Munn
Diversity: Shirley Staples Carter
Editing and language- Doug Fisher
Faith: Cecile Holmes
Freedom of information: Shirley Staples Carter
Government: Shirley Staples Carter
Health communications: Andrea Tanner
Journalism education: Andrea Tanner
Media audience behavior: Augie Grant
Media convergence: Andrea Tanner, Doug Fisher
Media ethics: Shirley Staples Carter, Doug Fisher, Cecile Holmes
Media industry (economics of): Augie Grant
Media industry organization: Augie Grant
Media management: Doug Fisher
New media: Doug Fisher
News media operations: Doug Fisher
Public health (media and): Andrea Tanner
Race relations: Cecile Holmes
Radio ratings: Augie Grant
Religion in America: Cecile Holmes
Religious/ethnic diversity: Cecile Holmes
Telephony (wired and wireless): Augie Grant
Television rations: Augie Grant
Values (in the mass media): Cecile Holmes
Women and leadership: Shirley Staples Carter
Women in religion: Cecile Holmes