Teaching Innovation Grants for Integrative Learning

The Center for Teaching Excellence is co-sponsoring the following grants and fellowship programs.


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Flipped Classroom Development Grants | Teaching Leadership Grants | Digital Humanities Course Development Stipends

Flipped Classroom Development Grants

Proposals due Friday, April 17, 2015

Are you a faculty member interested in the "flipped learning" classroom model that has received so much recent media attention? Are you interested in exploring whether this approach can help improve student engagement and learning in the courses you teach? The Center for Teaching Excellence, with support from the Office of the Provost, invites full-time faculty members to submit proposals for a new grant program to support the development of exemplary courses that employ a flipped learning format.

Grants of up to $5,000 will be available for single courses and of up to $7,500 for large multi-section courses or a sequence of at least two courses.

Contact Christy Friend at chfriend@mailbox.sc.edu with any questions.

Request for Proposals  Teaching Innovation Grants for Flipped Classroom Development     Teaching Innovation Grants for Flipped Classroom Development

Teaching Excellence Grants on Teaching Leadership

Proposals due Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are you a full-time faculty member on any USC campus who wants to broaden your students' understanding of leadership? Do you want to explore and promote strategies for teaching students about leadership and for developing their leadership skills? Such skills include:

  • Ability to inspire change and to understand the dynamics of effecting change
  • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Ability to work effectively in groups and organizations, including recognizing individual and group strengths as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Development of integrity and ability to put ethics into practice
  • Valuing of diversity and teamwork
  • Creativity and thoughtful risk-taking
  • Capability to develop and implement strategic visions to benefit one's community

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in collaboration with the Carolina Leadership Initiative, solicits applications for participation in this competitive grant program to strengthen leadership education in courses taught at USC. Applications are welcomed not only from faculty who teach explicitly leadership-themed courses but also from those who would like to incorporate a leadership-related experience of some sort in a course that they teach.

Request for Proposals  Teaching Excellence Grants on Teaching Leadership     Teaching Innovation Grants for Flipped Classroom Development

Digital Humanities Course Development Stipends

Proposals due Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are you a humanities faculty member who would like to expand your students' learning by transforming one of your existing courses into a digital humanities course? The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) and the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) invite full-time faculty and instructors to apply for a $1,000 stipend to transform an existing USC humanities course into a Digital Humanities course. In addition to the stipend, grantees will receive training and technical support during the course development period, helping you to make the best use of the technology and the tools available.

The course must already be approved and have been taught at least once in its present form. Please see the Request for Proposals for more details.

Request for Proposals  Digital Humanities Course Development Grant     Digital Humanities Course Development Grant