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Teaching Excellence Workshop:
Successful Service-Learning Partnerships

Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 12:30 - 1:45 p.m.
Center for Teaching Excellence,
Thomas Cooper Library, Room 511


This workshop will offer advice, tips and strategies rooted in basic service-learning partnership principles to help you offer a smooth-running service-learning experience for your students. Successful experiences result from planning and communicating with your community partner. How do you prepare students to engage in a community outside of their comfort zone in a respectful and professional way? How do you invest in partner development to ensure a smooth experience? Successful experiences also benefit from resilience. How do you and your community partner plan to respond when things don’t work out as planned? How do you keep the partnership viable? As the course instructor, you give up some control whenever you assign students work outside of the classroom. Intentional up-front planning with your community partner and on-the-spot troubleshooting strategies will help the experience run smoothly for you, your community partner and your students. Just getting started with service-learning? Are you already teaching a service-learning course? Either way, come to this workshop on how to work together in a partnership, how to prevent problems before they arise and how to respond if they do!

About the Facilitators

Karen L. Mallia, Assistant Professor, Advertising and Public Relations Sequence. New Jersey native, Karen Mallia joined the faculty from The City College of New York, where she taught copywriting, advertising principles, and advertising management. Prior to teaching, she spent two decades as a copywriter and creative director with several New York advertising agencies. She pioneered service-learning courses in cause advertising and public relations, both in the Journalism School and the South Carolina Honors College. Her Communicating for a Cause course presents students with the opportunity to identify a cause and then to consider how to persuade people to change behavior, donate time or money, or believe in that cause.

Dr. Mary Baskin-Waters, Affiliate Faculty, Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Master’s of Public Administration Program, College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Mary Baskin-Waters was one of the first to receive a Certificate of Graduate studies in Women’s Studies from USC in 1993, the first year the certificate was awarded. Today she regularly teaches in the program and has created a service-learning course for Women’s and Gender Studies to expose students to community outreach and social justice. Her Women and Society: A Service Learning Approach course teaches women’s studies through individualized placements in community organizations where students can work directly with important social issues such as domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, medically underserved individuals, homelessness, and incarcerated youth.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement and the Center for Teaching Excellence. For more information, please e-mail or call 803-777-8322.

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