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Top of Carolina

Top of CarolinaNo matter where you are from, or where you are going, Top of Carolina is a spectacle that you do not want to miss. As the only rotating restaurant in South Carolina, you will be amazed as the you enjoy your delicious meal while enjoying all there is to see of Columbia without ever leaving your seat. The view that Top of Carolina has to offer will leave you with a new appreciation for Columbia's beauty by offering you the best vantage point to see Columbia from the top. Of course the view is not the only thing that Top of Carolina has to boast. Top of Carolina features some of the most delicious and enjoyable food that can be found anywhere on campus. With the excellent food and amazing view, you will leave wishing you had come sooner.


Sunday Brunch Menu                                                                        

Friday Lunch Menu



Closed on October 31, 2014 for Special Event

Closed on September 28, 2014 for Parents Weekend (Sold Out)

Hours of Operation

Friday 11:30am - 1:30pm

Sunday  10:30 am  -1:30pm