USC Faculty Meeting
May 1993

May 5, 1993

The meeting was called to order in the Law School Auditorium at 3 PM by
President Palms.

I. Correction and Approval of the Minutes.

The minutes of the September 2, 1992 Faculty Meeting and the January 15, 1993 Special Faculty Meeting were approved as submitted.

II. President Palms

The President discussed the budget situation. Faculty were encouraged to contact their representatives to urge them to fund higher education adequately.

III. Provost Moeser

The Provost announced the University awards to faculty and graduate students for research and teaching. The list of awards appeared in USC Times. He and the President also recognized several faculty with emeritus awards. This list has also appeared in USC Times.

The Provost announced the names of the faculty members elected to the Search Committee for Dean of Science and Mathematics. Prof. Ralph White of Engineering will serve as Chair. Dean Winona Vernberg and Terry Dickson, an undergraduate, were also appointed to the Committee. The Provost requested comments within 30 days on:

  1. Policy for Search Procedures for Academic Administrative Positions.
  2. Policy for Periodic Evaluation of Academic Administrators.
  3. Draft of a sample appointment letter for Academic Administrators.

IV. Committee Reports: None

V. Old Business: None

VI. New Business: None

VII. Good of the Order

Nancy Lane (FREN) requested again that Spring Faculty Meetings be scheduled to avoid final exam times. She also objected to the meeting of the Future Committee being held at an exam time.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.