University of South Carolina Film Studies Program



the 5th Orphan Film Symposium

March 22-25, 2006


Orphans 5:  Science, Industry & Education




Wednesday, March 22  


8:00 pm SCREENING:    Phantomatic Technologies


Dean Mary Anne Fitzpatrick (USC) Welcome Message (listen)

Bill Morrison (NYC) presents Outerborough (2005) (listen) Q&A following (listen)

Dan Streible (USC) on Dr. Ives on Television (Movietone, 1928) (listen)

Julie Hubbert  (USC) on Scientists Invent New Musical Instrument (Movietone, 1930) (listen)

Caroline Martel (Montréall) presents Le Fantôme de l’0pératrice

(The Phantom of the 0perator, 2005) (listen) Q&A Following (listen)



Thursday, March 23  


9:00 am  Welcome Message from Susan Courtney (listen)

Dan Streible  Orphan Films of Science, Industry & Education (listen)



9:15 – 11:00 am SCIENTIFIC IMAGING              


Mike Mashon (library of Congress)Introduces Powers of Ten (Eames 1977) (listen) filling in for Tom Gunning (U of Chicago) Demonstrating Science, Producing Magic:  Scientific Oddities as Visual Entertainment, from the 17th Century to Early Cinema


Scott Curtis (Northwestern) On Magnification (listen)


Oliver Gaycken (Temple) A History of Violence:  Recurring Motifs in Popular Science Films (listen)


Davis Baird (USC NanoCenter) Moving Image Simulations of the Nanoscale (listen)




11:15 am – 1:00 pm  THE NATURE OF FILM


Jennifer Lynn Peterson (U of Colorado) Introduces Chumming with Chipmunks (listen) Presents Beasts Fair and Foul: Locating Wildlife in Early Nature Films (listen)


Paula Amad  (U of Iowa) ‘Time is invention’: Jean Comandon's Time-lapse Cinematography, Bergsonian History, and Early French Film Theory


Janelle Blankenship  (NYU) 'Unbelievable Nature': The Time-Lapse Cinema of John Ott (listen)


Chumming with Chipmunks (Goldwyn-Bray Pictograph, 1921)

            accompaniment by the Assembly Street Quartet




2:15 – 3:45 pm  EARLY TV SCIENCE  


Kara Van Malssen (NYU) introduces Television Pictures (Movietone, 1931)

restored by Colorlab (listen)


Elaine Charnov  (American Museum of Natural History) on Adventure (1953-56, CBS)  (listen)


Craig Baldwin (Other Cinema) Science in Action (CAS, 1952-66):  Spectral Uses of Kinescopy (listen) (The end of this clip includes a Q&A)



4:00 – 5:30 pm  MISSIONARY SCIENCE


Skip Elsheimer (A/V Geeks) & Marsha Orgeron (North Carolina State U)  'Something Different in Science Films': The Moody Institute of Science and the Canned Missionary Movement (listen)

            Fish Out of Water! (1954, MIS  Educational Film Division)


Devin Orgeron (NCSU) Spreading the Word:  The Science of Contagion in Edgar G. Ulmer's T.B. Films

            They Do Come Back (1940, National Tuberculosis Association)  (listen) Panel Q&A (listen)


8:00 – 10:45 pm  SCREENING:     FILM  IS.     


Nico de Klerk  (Nederlands Filmmuseum) Bits and Pieces Nr. 1-11 (listen)


Gustav Deutsch (Vienna) presents Film ist. (1998-2003)

            & Welt Spiegel Kino (2005) Episode 1 (listen)




Friday, March 24  


9:00 – 10:30 am   Restoring the Films and Legacy of Julien Bryan 


Sam Bryan introduction (listen)


Raye Farr (USHMM)  'As for me, I believe in people': Peoples of the Soviet Union (1935), Poland and Japan  (listen)


Russ Suniewick (Colorlab) Restoring Degraded Nitrate (listen)    


Regina Longo  (UCSB) The Search for Siege (RKO, 1940) (listen) (clip also includes commentary by Raye Farr)


moderator Sam Bryan (International Film Foundation)



10:45 am -  12:15 pm  NEWSREEL as WARTIME INDUSTRY            


Cooperative Preservation of the Movietone Newsreel Collections (listen)


Mike Mashon, Cooper Graham, George Willeman (listen) (Library of Congress)


Greg Wilsbacher, Phu Nguyen (listen), Jennifer Snyder(listen) (USC Newsfilm Library)


Closing Remarks (listen)


Pearl Harbor Attack: Now It Can Be Shown  (1942) newsreel & outtakes


Fulbright Committee to Visit London (1944)



1:30 – 3:00 pm in other news . . .


Sean Savage (NYU) The Eye Beholds: The Bureau of Commercial Economics as Film Distributor

Madison News Reel (c. 1930) from Northeast Historic Film (listen)


Joe Clark (Brown) Educating the Race: Inequality and Pedagogy in the Films of All-American News (listen)


Bradley Reeves & Louisa Trott (Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound) 'Sam Orleans Will Go Anywhere, Film Anything'

Today's News, Tomorrow's Men (1946) preserved by Colorlab (listen)



3:30 – 5:15 pm


A National Film Preservation Foundation project

with a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


The [Your Name Here] Story (c. 1960, the Calvin Workshop) (watch the film on


Don Crafton (Notre Dame) The Research Value of Sponsored Films (listen)


Wendy Shay (Smithsonian NMAH) Industrial Films in Multiformat Collections (listen)


Rick Prelinger (Internet Archive) An Illustrated Overview of the Sponsored Film

  respondents Jennifer Horne (Bryn Mawr) and Gregory A. Waller (Indiana U) (listen)


panel Q&A (listen)



8:00 – 10:45 pm  SCREENING:   Rick  Prelinger presents an evening of 



Rick Prelinger Introduction (listen)

Scott Simmon introduces An American in the Making (1913, Thanhouser) by Carl L. Gregory, for U.S. Steel Corp (listen).; piano accompaniment by Neil Lerner   (listen to the performance)


Jan-Christopher Horak introduces the George Eastman House restoration Eyes of Science (1930) by Dr. James Sibley Watson, Jr., for Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. (listen)


Rick Prelinger introduces the restored Master Hands (1936) by the Jam Handy Organization, for Chevrolet Motor Co. (listen) Alan Stark (Film Technology) & Tom Regal (BluWave Audio) discuss their work on the film. (listen) (This clip includes a Q&A)


George Stoney introduces Booked for Safekeeping (1960) by George Stoney, for the Louisiana Association for Mental Health (listen) Q&A following the film (listen)


and more from the Prelinger panorama . . .



Saturday, March 25   




Greg Wilsbacher (USC Newsfilm Lib.) and Russ Suniewick (Colorlab) introduceHow the Professor Fooled the Burglars (Edison, 1900) (listen)


Craig Kridel  (USC Museum of Education) on John Dewey's home movies (1939) and Dewey on Education (Movietone, 1929)  (listen)


Skip Elsheimer talks about Ro-Revus Talks About Worms (1971) (listen)


9:30 – 10:30 am   

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Visiting Artist

David Shepard

(Film Preservation Associates)

'Through the Alimentary Canal With Gun and Camera': 

ERPI Classroom Films (listen)



10:45 am – 12:30 pm IN THE CLASSROOM 


Charles Acland  (Concordia, MontrŽal) Celluloid Classrooms and Everyday Projectionists:  Post-WWII Consolidation of Community Film Activism (listen)


Eef Masson (U of Utrecht) and Claudy Op den Kamp  (Nederlands Filmmuseum) Present a Collection of Dutch Educational Films (listen)


Robert Silberman  (U of Minnesota) & Matt Bakkom (Minnesota Film Arts) 'Search and Rescue'

            Sophie More:  A Fictitious Representation of Campus Life (c. 1918) (listen)

                        preserved by Monaco Film + Video

                        piano accompaniment by Dennis James





The Center for Home Movies

Snowden Becker, Brian Graney, Chad Hunter, Dwight Swanson, Katie Trainor

            The Best of Home Movie Day (listen)


Anke Mebold 

            [Charles Boehm amateur film] (c. 1920, 28mm PathŽscope) (listen)


Margaret Compton  (University of Georgia Media Archives) (listen)

            [Louis Harris, Sr. home movie, Nevada] (1953, 16mm Kodachrome)


Anke Mebold (Deutsches Filmmuseum) the 28mm safety film, 1911-1930 (listen)

            [Fire insurance industrial] (c. 1924) restoration by Haghefilm, Peter Limburg



3:00 – 4:15 pm SEX Ed.               


Christopher Lane & Amy Sloper (UCLA) Sex Mis-Education: The Sex-Ed Film in the Moving Image Archive Intro (listen) Outro (listen)


Linda Williams (UC Berkeley) Porn Films in the Kinsey Institute and Elsewhere (listen) (Includes Panel Q&A)



4:30 – 6:00 pm MEDICAL ETHICS


Snowden Becker (Academy Film Archive) & Penny Withrow(Cherry Hospital) Dr. Whelpley's Films of the North Carolina 'Asylum for the Colored Insane' (listen)


Zoe Beloff  (Queens College) Dr. Clark's Projections (listen) (includes Panel Q&A)

Child Analysis I and II, Stamford Psychoanalytic Sanitarium (1930)

            restoration by Cineric, Diana Little





Buckey Grimm introduces

In de Tropische Zee (1914) by Carl L. Gregory, for the Submarine Film Corp. (listen)

            piano accompaniment by Christopher Nash


Helen Hill  New Orleans filmmaker, post-Katrina home movies and animation (listen)


Bill Morrison Who By Water (2006)  (listen)


Paula Amad introduces

La Croissance des végétaux(1929) by Dr. Jean Comandon, for Institut Pasteur (listen)

            piano accompaniment by Joe Milutis


Karl Heider introduces

Johnsons on Africa Expedition (Movietone, 1929) print by Summit Film Lab

& 'Congorilla' Opens at the Winter Garden Theatre (Movietone, 1932)  (listen)


Geoff Alexander (Academic Film Archive of North America) on Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level (1971)  


Stephen Parr (Oddball Film + Video) on Living in a Reverse World (1958) (listen)


Carolyn Faber For the Record (2004)   (listen)


Andrew Lampert  Benetton (2004) (listen)


Greg Pierce (The Orgone Archive) with Three Motion Picture Test Hops [inaudible] (listen)


. . . other



Video lounge viewing (Thursday & Friday) curated by Joe Milutis




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