University of South Carolina
Film Preservation Symposium
September 23-25, 1999

Preliminary Schedule for "Orphans of the Storm"

Thursday, September 23rd 
9-11 a.m.  Registration in the Clarion Hotel lobby

Buses depart for Newsfilm Library at 9:00 and 10:00
(Optional walking tour of campus departs hotel at 10:00)

9-11:15  Newsfilm Library Open House
Meet the staff of the university's Film Library.  Tour the campus headquarters for the Newsfilm archive.  See Movietone preservation as it happens.  Sample some coffee and clips.

Buses depart for lunch (11:00-11:15)

Lunch served in The Campus Room, 1st floor of Capstone House (11:30-12:45)

1-3:15  Technological Frontiers of Film Preservation:  A Colloquium
                           BA Building, 8th floor auditorium
Karen Lund, the National Digital Library, "Early Cinema on the Library of  Congress Web Sites"
Robert Heiber, Chace Productions, "Sound Preservation and Restoration in the Digital Age"
Tom Benjamin, Iron Mountain Film and Sound Archives, 
              "Environment Trends for Motion Picture Preservation"
Ken Weissman, Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservatoin Center,

Coffee Break
Informal viewings of Movietone outtakes available during breaks

3:30-5:30  What Is an ‘Orphan Film’?
Suzanne Lee,  "Preserving Orphan Films:  Public Policy in Practice"
Paolo Cherchi-Usai, "What Is an Orphan Film?  Definition, Rationale, and 

Gregory Lukow, "The Politics of ‘Orphanage’:  The Rise and Impact of the
               'Orphan Film' Metaphor on Contemporary Preservation Practice"

Buses depart for Clarion Hotel. (5:30-5:45)
Buses depart hotel for dinner and a movie.  (6:30-6:45)

7:00  Dinner Reception at the Columbia Museum of Art (Main & Hampton)

SCREENING: "Raiders of the Lost Archive"
Richard Prelinger, "More Revelations from the Prelinger Archives"
         Joe Lauro, "Lost Treasures of American Music. . . on Film"

Buses depart for Clarion Hotel.  (10:00-10:30)

Friday, September 24th   Russell House Theater

Buses depart Clarion Hotel for Russell House.  (8:15-8:30)

SCREENING:  The USC Newsfilm Library's 1998 National Film Preservation Foundation grant recipient:  Movietone outtakes of a 1930 reunion of Civil War veterans (8m).  Introducted by Benjamin Singleton and Suzanne Lee.

Welcome from Dr. John Palms, USC President

9-10:30  Newsreel Preservation
Raymond Fielding, "History and Preservation of Newsfilm"
William T. Murphy, "The Unhappy State of American Newsreel Preservation"
Sarah Meyerson, "The News Archives of TV Networks" and moderator

Coffee break and Movietone clips.

10:45-12:15  Films without Owners
Francis Poole,  "Five Reasons to Care about Films Orphaned in Educational 
Robert Haller, "Ed Emshwiller’s Project Apollo (1968, USIA)"
Jan-Christopher Horak, "Orphaned in Old Age?  Hollywood Studio Silents at 
                  Universal and Elsewhere"

Lunch served in Preston Hall (Russell  House)
Informal video screening: Project Apollo in the theater during lunch (12:30-1:15)

1:30-3:00  Experimental Cinema 
Callie Angell, "Caught in the Act:  Evidence from the Warhol Films."
Jon Gartenberg, "Rude Awakening:  Restoring the Legacy of Experimental
                  Filmmaker Warren Sonbert"
Donald Crafton, "The Found Footage in Bruce Conner’s A Movie"

Coffee break and Movietone clips.

3:15-4:45  Rediscovering Oscar Micheaux
Charlene Regester, "The Oscar Micheaux Production Company"
Charles Musser,  "Preserving Symbol of the Unconquered"
Jacqueline Stewart, "Silent Cinema's Stepchildren:  Reconstructing Early Black 
Steven Higgins (MoMA), moderator

Snack break and Movietone clips.

5:00  SCREENINGS:  "Rescued from the Low Countries"

Oscar Micheaux's
The Symbol of the Unconquered (1920) 
restoration-in-progress, from the Museum of Modern Art
with Turner/TCM/Warner Bros.
with piano accompaniment by Don Shabkie

Nico de Klerk
(Netherlands Filmmuseum)
"Programming the Theatrical Short, 1935-40"

Buses depart for Clarion Hotel.  (7:15-7:30)

7:30    Dinner reception at the Clarion.

Saturday, September 25th  Russell House Theater

Buses depart Clarion Hotel for Russell House.  (8:15-8:30)

8:45  SCREENING: The Two Orphans (Selig Company, 1911)
Restored 35mm print, courtesy of Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater 
                    Research/UCLA Film and Television Archive and American
                    Film Institute

9:00-10:30  Early Cinema
Jennifer M. Bean, "Frozen in Time:  Looking at the Dawson City Archive 
                    Collection, 1913-1919"

Steven Higgins, "The Biograph Collections"
Yuri Tsivian, "Early Russian Films and the Tyranny of Modernity"

Coffee break and Newsfilm clips

10:45-12:30  Television and Video Preservation
Linda Tadic, "Archiving Local TV Stations"
Steve Davidson, "Local Television News Archives at the 50th Anniversary of 
Mike Mashon, "Television and Video Preservation at the Library of Congress"
William T. Murphy, respondent
Gregory Lukow, moderator

Lunch served in Preston Hall (Russell  House)

1:45-3:15  "Low" and Local
Eric Schaefer, "Saving Rubbish:  The High Priority of Preserving Low Films"
Tom Whiteside, "Up for Adoption?  The Adaptability and Use of ‘Movies of 
                     Local People and Other Orphan Films"

Mark Miller, "'Come to North Dakota!'  Community-Sponsored Motion 
                     Pictures, 1916-1920"
Stephen Parr (San Francisco Media Archive/Oddball Film & Video), moderator

Coffee break and Newsfilm clips

3:30-5:30  Contemporary Filmmakers Use Orphan Films
Carolyn Faber (WPA Film Library), Iota (1998),  moderator
Bill Morrison, The Film of Her (1996)
Alan Berliner, City Edition (1980)
Péter Forgács, The Danube Express (1998)

Buses depart for Clarion.  (5:30-5:45)
Buses depart for dinner.  (6:15-6:45)

6:30-8:00  Wrap Party &  Dinner Reception at the Top of Carolina, Capstone 

Buses depart for Russell House screening.  (7:45-8:00)

8:15   SCREENING:  "A Home for Home Movies"
Alan Berliner, excerpts from Family Album and Nobody's 
Péter Forgács, The Maelstrom (A Video Opera)

Buses return to Clarion Hotel.  (10:30-11)