University of South Carolina

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Cost Estimates

Because of the variances in student choices and cost opportunities at USC, it is likely that your educational expenses will not be exactly what the following examples suggest. However, this information should provide you with a good idea of what to expect as your annual cost of education, both direct and indirect costs.

Estimated 2016-17 Costs Fall and Spring Semesters

Undergraduate On-Campus
Tuition and Tech Fee $11,814 (SC resident)
$31,195 (non-resident)
$17,004 (non-resident Woodrow or Departmental Scholarship)
$21,930 (non-resident Sims Scholarship)
Housing $7,230 (weighted average cost)
Meal Plan $ 3,660 (standard 21-meal plan)
Books and Supplies $ 1,023 (average)
Miscellaneous and Transportation $ 4,111 (average)
Undergraduate Off-Campus
Tuition and Tech Fee Same as on-campus options
Room $7,992 (average)
Board $2,548 (average)
Books and Supplies Same as on-campus
Miscellaneous and Transportation Same as on-campus

The following reflect estimated total annual costs for several additional budget categories. If you don't see your category or need additional information, please contact our office.

SC resident undergraduate residing with parent(s) $21,810
Non-resident undergraduate residing with parent(s) $41,324
SC resident graduate student (6 credit hours per term) $25,210
Non-resident graduate student (6 credit hours per term) $32,475
SC resident School of Law students $43,151
Non-resident School of Law students $68,143