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Office of Sustainability

Green Your Business

Green Your Business

Steps to improve your business

Thinking about greening your business?  Whether you own your own business or simply want to improve your office, the following steps will provide some guidance in your efforts.

  1. Recycling and Waste Reduction:
    1. Recycling bins are available at all desks and common areas.  Trash bins are only available in centralized locations (not deskside).
    2. The bins are clearly labeled and the office has a published recycling policy available for everyone.
    3. The office establishes and announces special days for specialty recycling, such as electronics, batteries, toner cartridges, etc.
    4. Recycling policies are communicated to new employees during orientation/training.
    5. The office contains one closet/area where office supplies such as notebooks, pens, and envelopes can be reused or shared.
    6. The office uses only network printers (no individual) and they are all set to print double-sided by default.
    7. If you have an office kitchen, a composting bin is installed and all organic waste is composted appropriately.
  2. Purchasing
    1. All office computers and appliances are purchased to Energy STAR or EPEAT standards.
    2. All cleaning products used in the office are Green Seal standard.
    3. All paper is at least 50% recycled content and FSC certified.
    4. All office paints, furniture varnishes, and carpets are purchased with the intent of minimalizing VOC (Violent Organic Compound) materials.
  3. Energy
    1. The office maintains an energy-saving checklist for whenever the office is vacated for holidays/vacations.
    2. The office uses powerstrips that are timed to turn off each evening and on weekends.
    3. The office has installed occupancy and daylight-harvesting sensors on all light fixtures.
    4. Light fixtures are high-efficiency LCDs and/or LEDs.
    5. Computer monitors are shut off when not in use for periods longer than five (5) minutes.
    6. Office thermometers are set to seasonally acceptable levels and are locked to prevent tampering.

Consider consulting with us for a free sustainability audit!

Interested in greening your business but not sure where to start? Contact us to setup a free sustainability audit to get short and long-term goals to improve your business and cut down on energy costs.

Case studies

(Case studies on offices saving costs through green upgrades)

LEED for New Construction and Renovations

Building a new office for your business?  Consider working with your contractor to utilize LEED New Construction and Major Renovation standards in design for a building with a longer life cycle, lower utility costs, and better occupant comfort.  What to apply LEED to your current building?  Consider LEED Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance to commission your building. Check out the USGBC website for more info.

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