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Office of Sustainability

Green Your Dorm Room

Green Your Dorm Room

Green Dorm Room Certification

The levels of certification are: the everyday habits of you and your roommates. The idea is to reduce the amount of energy used, waste created, and chemicals put into the environment through these “greener” habits. In no time, these habits will be second nature and make a surprising impact on the campus’s and community’s environment.

How to have your room certified “green”

  1. Complete the application and checklist online; or submit a paper copy to your EcoRep.
  2. The checklist and corresponding resources can be found in the Green Dorm Room Program Manual
  3. Your EcoRep will then schedule a time to complete a room audit to ensure your compliance with the items you selected on the checklist.
  4. After the room audit is completed you will be given a window decal to show off your certification level.
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