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Office of Sustainability

Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program

Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program


  • Continuous, one-on-one employability coaching
  • Professional skill development
  • Leadership training and development
  • Resume-worthy experiences
  • Real-world problem-solving opportunities
  • Networking with professionals in the field
  • Increased employability

Ready to take your experience to the next level? Interested in USCCONNECT’s Graduation with Leadership Distinction? Apply to be part of the Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program (SCLP)! Regardless of your major or sustainability knowledge, we offer opportunities for you to earn Leadership Distinction with a sustainability lens in all five pathways-Professional and Civic Engagement, Community Service, Research, Global Learning, and Diversity and Social Advocacy. Our staff is also trained to coach you through the process to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements. This means once you join our program, you will have access to all the resources you need to Graduate with Leadership Distinction in one place!

The SCLP seeks to develop leadership, foster engagement, and cultivate employability in students by providing comprehensive sustainability training and an interdisciplinary leadership experience.

Not only will the SCLP help you Graduate with Leadership Distinction, it will also provide you with important professional development opportunities for life after college.

Getting a job after graduation is important. At Sustainable Carolina, we are dedicated to increasing your employability by helping you make connections between academic knowledge and practical experiences. Our three-fold approach provides students with:

  1. The opportunity to develop transferrable skills - specifically project management, communication, and teamwork skills - through practical hands-on applications and leadership of major projects and events.
  2. An understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, including the social, economic, and environmental aspects, through involvement with diverse communities on and off campus.
  3. The ability to reflect on, and articulate, connections made between theoretical knowledge and practical experiences through on-going employability coaching from professional staff members.

Graduate with Leadership Distinction, through a sustainability lens: We offer opportunities to pursue Leadership Distinction in all five pathways. We suggest a two-year track to GLD, but you may take less or more time to complete your experience. Generally, it is best for students to get involved with us during their sophomore year or later. Rest assured, our Catalyst Coaches are here to guide you through the process every step of the way. Contact us today so we can develop a personalized plan to meet your needs, interests, and time commitment!

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