USC-Columbia Tobacco Policy

August 1, 2006

The University of South Carolina (USC) joins with the American College Health Association (ACHA) in supporting the findings of the Surgeon General that tobacco use in any form, active and passive, is a significant health hazard. USC further recognizes that environmental or second-hand tobacco smoke has been classified as a Group A carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. USC supports the health goals of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) to reduce the percentage of adults who smoke to below 12% by the year 2010, and to positively influence our community by helping people to remain or become tobacco/smoke-free. Research has shown that the promotion of a tobacco/smoke-free environment has led to substantial reductions in the number of people who smoke, the amount of tobacco products consumed, and the number of people exposed to environmental or second-hand tobacco smoke. The Residence Hall Association, representing all students living in university housing, recommended in 2002 that a no-smoking policy be implemented in and around all student housing facilities on campus. That policy has been in effect since fall 2003. During the 2004-2005 academic year, the Health Services Advisory Committee and Environmental Advisory Committee, with membership representing faculty, staff, and students, unanimously passed resolutions and recommendations that a no-smoking policy be implemented for all university-owned or controlled buildings.

In light of the known heath risks, recommendations from these representative committees and in support of Healthy Carolina, USC hereby adopts a tobacco policy that addresses prevention, reduction and cessation actions as they pertain to tobacco/smoking issues. Our intent is to institute a policy that respects the rights of those who smoke or use smokeless tobacco products and those who don’t use tobacco products. We acknowledge the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics that about 70% of all smokers report that they want to quit smoking completely. We recognize that the implementation of a tobacco/smoking policy will have an immediate effect on our smokers, thus we also will provide prevention, education and cessation initiatives to support the non-use of tobacco products. While this policy allows smoking and use of tobacco products for most outside areas of campus away from buildings, with specified exceptions, it is the intent of the University to further develop policy in the future that will eliminate all use of tobacco products anywhere on campus or at any University-directed programs or activities.


I. Smoking and use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all USC-owned or -leased buildings, buildings on university-owned land, all university vehicles and in designated outdoor areas including:

* Entrances, balconies, decks, patios and outside stairways to buildings and outdoor passageways to entrances, decks, patios and stairways

* Within twenty-five (25) feet of a building or an air intake unit/opening

* Courtyards or other areas where air circulation may be impeded by architectural, landscaping or other barriers

* Outdoor entry or service lines, such as for ticket purchases, event admissions, bus stops, ATMs, etc.

* Outdoor seating areas provided by dining services on campus

* Outdoor areas where there is fixed seating, such as Williams Brice Stadium, Sarge Frye Field, etc.

* Areas that are reserved for events that do not have fixed seating but for which the sponsor determines that the interests of nonsmokers need to be protected, such as events on the Horseshoe, outdoor concerts, university receptions, etc.

II. The sale, sampling or advertisement of all tobacco products or their use shall be prohibited on the University of South Carolina campus and in all USC publications.

III. All members of the USC community, including visitors and vendors working on campus, are expected to comply with this policy. This policy relies on the consideration and cooperation of tobacco users and non-users.

IV. Enforcement for the policy is the responsibility of each member of the Carolina community. Faculty, staff, and/or students are expected to enforce the policy for their facilities and/or sponsored activities.

V. Violations of this policy are covered by existing faculty and staff employment policies and student conduct regulations and as such will be responded to within the realm, responses, and consequences allowed by those policies or regulations.


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