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Joey Bowers and Emily Stowe Leaphart were the first Face of Y'ALL winners.
Joey Bowers and Emily Stowe Leaphart were the first Face of Y'ALL winners in 2008-09.

Y'ALL Campaign seeks more fresh faces

Young South Carolina alumni who yearn for the chance to be the next faces of the Y’ALL Campaign for 2009-2010, get ready to apply!

"We have inspired and engaged many graduates of the last decade."

The second Y’ALL (Young Alumni Leaving a Legacy) Campaign officially launches May 11 with a video featuring last year’s Face of Y’ALL winners, Emily Stowe Leaphart and Joey Bowers. The two explain to Carolina’s 38,000 young alumni of the past decade just how easy it is to apply and start the process of becoming the next faces of the Y’ALL Campaign.

As they say, “We’re South Carolina, Y’ALL!”

The Y’ALL Campaign is a way to get enthusiastic young alumni more involved with their alma mater. The winners attend alumni events, athletic contests, act as the voice of new graduates, and serve on the newly created Young Alumni Advancement Council. Y’ALL is also a way for all young alumni to stay connected with their University, and to offer their support.

Lola Mauer, director of Annual Giving, and Steven Farwick, program assistant director, created the award-winning campaign along with the Pursuant Group.

The inaugural Y’ALL Campaign exceeded everyone’s expectations, receiving national and international acclaim. Earlier this year, the Council for Advancement in Education (CASE), bestowed three top awards on the Office of Annual Giving and Y’ALL:

  • Grand Award for Direct Mail Campaign
  • Grand Award for Educational Fundraising
  • Special Merit Award for Institutional Relations

“Given the acclaim and success of the Face of Y’ALL campaign, we in Annual Giving are anxiously awaiting to see how the young alumni initiative continues to grow,” Mauer says. “We have inspired and engaged many graduates of the last decade with this three-time, CASE-award winning campaign. The increases in giving and awareness have been outstanding.”

All young alumni who have graduated in the years 1999-2008 are encouraged to apply to become the next Face of Y’ALL by June 17. It’s time to Get Cocky Again, Y’ALL!

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