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Nikky Finney: In her own words

"In this surprising 21st century, the university as an institution is a live and ever-changing landscape. As a writer and teacher, I am deeply drawn to visionary institutions, places and people, who with heart and head, by design and planning, are not afraid of the rigor of risk and are absolutely leading the way in establishing new definitions and interpretations of the life of the mind, the life of art and humanities, of history, and the critical intersections between community engagement and scholarship in America. I'm not "on the ground" in Columbia just yet but from my intimate vantage point, being a daughter of South Carolina, the flagship university named after the state seems to be charging forward into the bright lights of the future, positioning an impressive array of administrators and hiring amazing faculty and staff. I see a new human geography taking shape all across the state; smart dedicated thinkers and doers reshaping the land of my birth. The University of South Carolina has offered me the chance to come home and lend my shoulder to this great intellectual grindstone. I have accepted and the honor to see what can be made and nurtured for the future of our state and country is all mine."

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