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Sweating it out: Teaching fitness classes

By Liz McCarthy,, 803-777-2848

When Alisa Liggett turned 35 she wanted to do something different. She decided to become certified as a group exercise instructor and five years later, she’s still teaching fitness classes each semester at the Blatt Physical Education Center.

Every Monday, Liggett, executive director of student conduct and academic integrity, sweats away her worries during a grueling, hourlong step and sculpt workout.  

“You start to get to know people’s lives,” she says. “I have seen the same face every Monday for five years. It’s awesome.”

Teaching on Mondays was no accident, she says. Since Mondays are the busiest days for student conduct, Liggett’s workout helps her de-stress.

“By the time I get home, it’s been a great day!” she says.

On top of teaching University 101 and her day job, Liggett teaches the same step and sculpt class each semester and mixes in a yoga class during the slower summer months. Teaching yoga has changed how she asks students about being present and influenced how she does her day job.

“When we deal with students who are stressed, we ask them lifestyle questions like how much are you eating, exercising and sleeping because I recognize the benefits of how I feel after I go home after exercising as opposed to just going home after working for 10 hours,” she says.

Liggett likes teaching both classes because they offer different outlets, she says.

“I’m just like every other person. I would not keep lifting a weight when it hurt, but when you’re in a class and there’s music and everyone is around, you just keep going,” she says. “But you finish the hour and you feel like you got the maximum out of the time investment.”

But yoga is for everyone, she says. 

“People who say they can’t do step, come to yoga,” she says. 

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