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Move-In 2013: By the numbers

Here's a look at some of the numbers relating to Move-In 2013 at the University of South Carolina.

Numbers relating to the incoming freshman class are preliminary.

4,900 --- The estimated number of students in the university’s freshman class

30,000 --- The estimated student population on the Columbia campus

57 --- The expected number of high-school valedictorians in the freshman class

5 --- The top five states (in order) where out-of-state freshmen hail from are North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and New Jersey. South Carolinians make up 51 percent of the freshman class.

6,115 --- The number of undergraduates who will live on campus this year in residence halls

95 --- The estimated percentage of freshmen who will live on campus, an important number as research shows new students who live on campus are more involved in campus life and develop stronger social networks

3,976 --- The number of rooms in the university’s 24 residence halls

381--- The number of rooms in the 20 houses in Greek Village

220 ---- The number of residence-hall mentors

212 --- The number of sections of University 101, Carolina’s seminar class for first-year students

13 --- The tons of cardboard expected to be collected and recycled during move-in weekend

407 --- The estimated number of freshmen who will enter South Carolina Honors College this fall

760 --- The estimated number of freshmen who will enter the Capstone Scholars program

56 --- The estimated percentage of females in this year’s freshman class, which reflects a nationwide trend as more young women enroll in college

18 --- The estimated number of sets of twins entering Carolina this fall as freshmen

1 --- The sets of triplets in the freshman class

42 and 14 --- The estimated number of states (including one territory and the District of Columbia) and countries represented in the freshman class

1,250 --- The number of students who studied abroad in 2012-13, up from 1,117 the previous year

11,022 --- The number of credit hours earned through study abroad programs

48 --- The number of countries in which students studied abroad in 2012-13, with the top five destinations Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England

140 --- The estimated number of student-athletes in the freshman class

5,138 --- The number of textbook orders prepackaged by the University Bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Russell House) for students to pick up

4,280 --- The number of textbook titles being used in the fall semester

2,641 --- The number of book titles available for rent at the University Bookstore

556,368 --- The number of water bottles that have been diverted from landfills from Sept. 15, 2011 to June 30, 2013, since water bottle filling stations were added around campus.

14,238 --- The number of attendees during Homecoming Week 2012 events

6.1 million --- The number of meals served annually in on-campus dining units

176,134 --- The number of bananas, apples and oranges consumed at on-campus dining facilities

110,700 --- The number of cups of orange juice purchased on-campus

115,322 --- The number pizzas ordered during the 2011-12 school year

275,187 --- The number of bagels served on campus last year

356,852 --- The number of meals served in the Grand Market Place each year

42,024 --- The number of servings of chicken served on Chicken Finger Wednesdays

113 --- The number of participants in Community Service Programs sponsored Alternative Break trips

34 --- The number of religious student organizations on campus

15 --- The number of registered religious workers who serve the spiritual needs of students and the university community

39 --- The number of fraternities and sororities at the University of South Carolina

4,658--- The number of fraternity and sorority members on campus

103,872 --- The number of hours served in the community by fraternity and sorority members in 2012-13

598,794 --- The charity dollars raised by fraternity and sorority members last year

381 – The number of rooms in the Greek Village

20,296 --- The number of parents who are registered for the university’s Parents Association

7,634 --- The number of parents, family members and USC students who participated in Parents Weekend 2012. More than 8,000 participants are expected for Parents Weekend 2013, to be held Oct. 4-6.

96 --- The percentage of freshmen receiving student financial aid

97 --- The percentage of freshmen from South Carolina who receive state-funded scholarships and grants

$400 million --- The approximate amount of financial aid received annually by USC students

89 --- The percentage of undergraduates receiving financial aid

64 --- The number of first-year students registered to be part of the Minority Assistance Peer Program, a program designed to help minority students make a smooth transition from high school to college

73,587 --- The number of students who attended the seven home football games during the 2012 season

77,116 --- The number of packages delivered at the Student Mail Center in 2012-13

50,000 --- Pounds of equipment housed in the weight room at the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, one of the nation’s premiere collegiate facilities of its kind

130 --- The number of events sponsored during Carolina Welcome week

20,000 --- The number of people expected to participate in the activities during Carolina Welcome

41 --- The number of buses that will take freshmen to First-Night Carolina on Saturday, Aug. 17

130 --- The number of organizations at spring and fall Student Organization Fairs in 2012-13. In addition, Mini Student Organization Fairs were added this past spring and were held once a month to continue helping students get involved in campus activities. 40 organizations participated in these.

423 --- The number of registered student organizations

2,909 --- The number of intramural games played during 2012-13

11,882 --- The number of total participants in intramural sports during 2012-13

35 --- The number of new Freshman Council members who will represent the first-year class

50 --- The number of student senators representing colleges across the university

6 --- The number of student government members who represent the university in Washington for meetings with elected officials during spring break

10,201 --- The number of students involved in Student Health Services outreach activities in 2012-13

64,000 --- The number of patient and client visits to Student Health Services departments in 2012-13

2,250 --- The number of flu shots administered by the Student Health Services in 2012-13

31,802 --- The number of prescriptions filled by the Student Health Services pharmacy in 2012-13

70 --- The number of sworn police officers in the USC department

17,021 --- The number of calls the police department responded to in 2012

150 --- The number of campus safety presentations given to 3,832 students by university police

1,875 --- The number of personal property items registered with the police department in 2012

233 --- The number of police call boxes throughout campus

52,086 --- The number of users registered to receive Carolina Alert Emergency Notifications

15,000 – Number of devices such as computers, phones and tablets that connect to the university network on an average day during the fall and spring semesters

3,632 --- The number of wireless access points on the Columbia campus

170 --- The number of students in the second class of the Gamecock Gateway, a residential partnership bridge program between USC and Midlands Technical College

153 --- The number of new students in the Gamecock Guarantee program, a need-based financial and academic support program for South Carolina residents

1,800 --- The number of on-campus student employees

62,000 --- The number of books donated to children by Cocky's Reading Express since the literacy program began in 2005

1.51 million --- The number of newspapers The Daily Gamecock, the university’s student newspaper, will print this year

130 --- The number of locations where you can pick up a copy of The Daily Gamecock

1,822 --- The number of students who completed a service-learning course during the 2012-2013 academic year

11 --- The number of students from schools outside of South Carolina coming to USC to participate in the National Student Exchange

16 --- The number of students leaving USC for a semester or year to attend another school in the U.S. or Canada through the National Student Exchange

4,635 --- The number of students returning to the university for their sophomore year

1,152 --- The approximate number of peer leaders, undergraduate students who have been selected and trained to fill a role of mentoring or leading their peers through 38 groups

90.5 --- The FM frequency where you will find WUSC, USC’s student-run radio station

458 ---- The number of participants in weekly service projects

948 --- The number of participants in Service Saturdays

1,051 --- The number of @USCwelcome2013 Twitter followers

28,873 – The total attendance of all the programs offered by Carolina Productions, the student-led programming board. All events and movies are free to USC students, faculty and staff with a valid Carolina Card.

10,673 – The total attendance at events hosted by Carolina Productions

18,200 – The number of students who attended movies sponsored by Carolina Productions. Movies are shown Thursday through Sunday each week in the Russell House Theater.

1,307 – Number of USC students, faculty and staff who attended Carolina Productions largest event of the year, comedian Seth Meyers, in the Koger Center.

51,800 --- The number of copies of The Wall Street Journal distributed by Student Government

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