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Resources at Russell House

The Russell House University Union is a great resource at UofSC. Check out a list of some of the resources and services that your son or daughter may access during his/her time at Carolina.

Student Feature: Katelyn Daley

Katelyn Daley, a senior Public Relations major, has been involved with a number of student organizations and has held leadership positions within these organizations.

Latest Campus Stories

Up, up and away

Up, up and away

After finishing a final exam, more than a few students might want to send it hurtling away at a few hundred miles an hour. In master teacher Ed Donovan's classes, they get to do just that, but by no means out of frustration. Donovan has found that a final exam assignment to build and launch a model rocket is a sure-fire way to get students excited about everything from hands-on craftwork to trigonometry to Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

A new opportunity to serve

A new opportunity to serve

For the whole of her 28-career at the University of South Carolina, Helen Doerpinghaus has focused primarily on undergraduate students — and they’ve benefited from the attention. Doerpinghaus’ newest role as interim provost of the university will dramatically broaden the scope of her duties, but she’s confident that the undergraduate initiatives under her purview won’t suffer in the meantime.

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