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Special Advisory Committees 1997-1998

Academic Computing and Information Technology Committee

Patrick Calhoun, Chair Libraries & Information Systems Stephen Bajjaly Library & Information Science George Ballington Computer Services Harry E. Barrineau, III Criminal Justice Richard Bayer Registrar Delony Bladen Institutional Planning and Analysis Kim Bone Nursing Susan Bridwell Distance Education and Instructional Support Robert L. Cannon Science and Mathematics David Cowen Geography Char Davis Director, Enrollment Management Services Mike Dickson Pharmacy John Duffy Regional Campuses and Continuing Education Jim Epting Law School Chris Hare University Libraries James R. Hussey Epidemiology Alma Kinzley Academic and Library Computing Van Kornegay Journalism & Mass Communications R. Thomas Lange, Jr. Medicine Thomas H. Morton Music John Olsgaard Office of the Provost David Ott Business Administration Robert Pettus Engineering Cathy Pike Social Work Isti Sanga Education Peter Sederberg SC Honors College Myra Smith Equal Opportunities Program George Terry Libraries and Collections Marsha Torr Vice Provost for Research Graduate School Jamel Franklin (Student Body President) Kim Dickerson (Student Body Vice President) Susanne Newman (Student)

Affirmative Action Advisory Committee

G. James Burns, Chair Provisional Year Program Sally Boyd Lifelong Learning Kwame Dawes USC Sumter Ida Fogle Director of Personnel (Aiken) Kim Dickerson Student Body Vice President Bobby Gist Affirmative Action Officer Scott Goode Chemistry Jane Jameson Human Resources Barbara Morrison Social Work Walter Parham General Counsel

AMOCO Outstanding Teachning Award Committee - Columbia Campus

Lori A. Thombs, Chair Statistics Ron Atkinson History William O. Bearden Business Administration David G. Cowart English Scott R. Goode Chemistry Donald Greiner Office of the Provost Steven Mann Business Administration Jerry Odom Provost Daniel Reger Chemistry Terence A. Shimp Business Administration Richard Showman Biology Grant Cauthen (Student) Aubrey Campbell (Student) Gita Chakrabarti (Student) Crista Lee Gaffney (Student) Penny Owens (Student) Jennifer Parrish (Student) Jamel Franklin (Student)

Assessment Advisory Committee

Don Stowe, Chair CAPS Audrey Korsgaard Business Administration Barbara Blaney Records and Registration Mary Boyd Nursing Sally Boyd Lifelong Learning Deborah Cureton USC Lancaster Robert Cuttino USC Beaufort Paul Fidler Student Affairs Donald Greiner, ex officio Office of the Provost Elizabeth Griffith Chemistry Philip Moore, ex officio Institutional Planning and Analysis Jerry Hackett Philosophy Rudy Jones Physics & Astronomy Jay Latham Journalism & Mass Communications John Logue USC Sumter Steve Lynn English Fred Medway Psychology Reid Montgomery Criminal Justice Mary Ellen O'Leary Mathematics Wally Peters Engineering Duane Rohlfing Biological Sciences Harold Sears USC Union Caroline Strobel, ex officio Business Administration (Faculty Advisory, Chair) Eldon Wedlock Law (Faculty Senate, Chair) Marcia Welsh, ex officio Office of the Provost John Winberry, ex officio Geography (Curriculum and Courses, Chair) Ed Dickey Education (Instructional Development, Chair) Peter Werner Education Charles Wilbanks Theatre, Speech and Dance (Student) (Student)

Associate/Assistant Deans' Council

Ina Rae Hark, Chair Liberal Arts Cheryl Addy Public Health Richard Bayer Registrar's Office Timothy Bergen Education Melanie Broadwell Public Health Mary Ann Byrnes Liberal Arts Clair Boatwright Journalism & Mass Communication Sally Boyd Continuing Education Academic Credit Programs Jacqueline Bruorton Criminal Justice Thomas Davis CAPS Gayle Douglas Library & Information Science Joseph Gibbons Engineering Andrew Gowan Music Donald Greiner Provost's Office Carolyn Jones Business Administration Michael Perkins Engineering Henry Price Journalism & Mass Communication David Rembert Science & Mathematics Gail Stephens Registrar's Office James Stiver Honors College Suzanne Stroman CAPS Karen Waganer Nursing Peter Werner Education Vicki Young Pharmacy Sue Young Nursing

Awards Committee

Sarah B. Wise, Chair Retailing Donald Greiner Office of the Provost John McFadden Education Dennis A. Pruitt, ex officio Student Affairs Emilie Greene (Student) Jonathan Sharpe (Student) Ruth Nettles (Student)

Blatt Physical Education Center Advisory Committee

Russ Pate, Chair Exercise Science Susan E. Anderson Theatre, Speech & Dance Jerry Brewer Student Life Herbert Camp, ex officio Campus Recreation Laurie Massa Athletic Dept Ed Mercer Chemistry Philip Moore Institutional Planning and Research Dennis Pruitt Student Affairs Marie Reilly Law School Judith Rink Physical Education Carl (Pete) Stokes Law Enforcement Rachel Williams (Student) Dylan Altman (Student) Walter Gordon (Student)

Bookstore Oversight Committee

Richard Wertz, Chair Business & Finance Ron Baughman Media Arts Richard Childers Physics & Astronomy Blease Graham Criminal Justice John Olsgaard Provost's Office Margit Resch Germanic, Slavic & Oriental Languages Jamel Franklin Student Government President

Carolina Venture Fund Selection Committee

Pat F. Hatcher, ex officio, Contact, SPAR Arts and Humanities H. Thorne Compton, Chair Theatre, Speech and Dance Jerry L. Curry Music Judith James English Elaine Lacy USC Aiken Ramona Lagos Spanish, Italian & Portuguese Robert Weyeneth History Social and Behavioral Sciences Sandra J. Kelly, Chair Psychology Gwen Felton Nursing Laurie Gordy Spartanburg Gail Raymond Education Leiyu Shi Public Health Engineering, Physical and Life Sciences John Shervais, Chair Geological Sciences S.M. Angel Chemistry John Baynes Chemistry Wayne E. Carver Medicine Yuh Jin Chao Engineering Kenneth B. Walsh Medicine

Committee on Conflict of Interest

Sondra Berger, Chair Pharmacy (1998) William Ranson Engineering (1998) David Schweiger Business Administration (1998) William Pirkle USC Aiken (1999) J. Thomas Davis USC Spartanburg (1999) Ben Gimarc Chemistry (1999) Arlene Andews Social Work (1999) John Montgomery Law (1999) Tandy Willis USC Union (2000) Blease Graham Criminal Justice (2000) Philip Watson Medicine (2000) Ex officio Marsha Torr Vice Provost of Research Ardis Savory Associate Vice Provost/SPAR Jane Jameson Vice President, Human Resources

Counseling Services Committee

Cathy Pike, Chair Social Work Roger Bowersock Counseling Centers James Bradley, Jr. Business Administration Mike Hix Career Counseling Eugene Kaplan Neuropsychiatry Rich Lashley Counseling Psychiatrist Chaplain Representative Tricia Phaup Health and Wellness David Buyck Psychological Services Center Peter Swanson Hall Institute Jennifer Balkcum (Student) (Student)

Data Administration Committee

Philip Moore, Chair Institutional Planning and Analysis Stan Yarbrough Libraries and Information Systems Patrick Calhoun Libraries and Information Systems Anthony Edwards Graduate School Kay Coleman Institutional Planning and Analysis Warren Cope Libraries and Information Systems Kenneth Corbett Business and Finance Terry Davis Admissions John Duncan Libraries and Information Systems Gigi Gillespie Human Resources Linda Holland Libraries and Information Systems Star Kepner USC Sumter Judy Owens Human Resources Myra Smith Equal Opportunity Programs Gail Stephens Records and Registration Ray Willard Libraries and Information Systems

Disability Affairs Committee

Deborah Haynes, Chair Educational Support Services Leslie Adkins Transitional Living Program Robert Chubon Medicine (1998) H. Thorne Compton Theatre, Speech & Dance (1999) Jeff Cargile Human Resources Barbara Clark Human Resources Donna Collins Facilities Management Bobby Gist Equal Opportunity Programs James Kirk Business and Finance Linda Ware Housing and Residential Services Sally Young Legal Department(Student) Joey Thomas (Student) (Student)

Fellowships and Summer Programs Advisory Committee

Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs Director Donald Greiner, ex-officio Office of the Provost C.R. Brasington Applied Professional Sciences Ward Briggs French & Classics Ray Davis Career Center Caroline Eastman Computer Science Benjamin Gimarc Chemistry Joe Gibbons Engineering Carolyn Jones Business Administration Scott Little Science and Mathematics H. W. Matalene English Douglas Meade Mathematics Melani Miller Housing and Residential Services Roger Sawyer College of Science & Mathematics Peter Sederberg SC Honors College Shelley Smith Sociology Gordon Smith College of Liberal Arts Cynthia Steele Housing and Residential Services James Stiver SC Honors College Kathy Vickio Admissions Patricia Willer International Programs for Students

Scholarship Subcommittees

Marshall Scholarship Committee Gordon Smith, Chair College of Liberal Arts Donald Greiner Office of the Provost Carolyn Matalene English John Nelson Biological Sciences Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Rhodes Scholarship Committee

Peter Sederberg, Chair SC Honors College Robert Clower Business Administration Kevin Lewis Religious Studies Carolyn Matalene English Stephen Stancyk Marine Science Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Goldware Scholarship Committee

Douglas Meade, Chair Mathematics Catherine Murphy Chemistry James Stiver SC Honors College Michael Sutton Engineering Sarah Woodin Biological Sciences Novella Beskid,ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Truman Scholarship Committee

Shelley Smith, Chair Sociology Edward Beardsley History George Geckle English William Jacoby GINT Saundra Schneider GINT Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Fulbright Grant

H.W. Matalene, Chair English Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

National Science Foundation Graduate and Minority Graduate Fellowships

Caroline Eastman, Chair Computer Science Robert Cannon Computer Science John Dawson Chemistry David Lincoln Biological Sciences Michael Sutton Mechanical Engineering David Willer Sociology

National Security Education Program

Patricia Willer, Chair International Programs for Students Camille Chapman International Programs for Students Kristia Finnigan GINT David Hill Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Lisa Rutstrom Economics, Business Adminstration Michael Scardaville History Novella Beskid, ex officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Mellon Fellowship Committee

Ward Briggs, Chair Office of the Provost Edward Madden English Victoria Voytko Philosophy Novella Beskid, ex-officio Fellowships and Summer Programs

Non-Academic Student Grievance Committee

James G. Fraser, Chair Criminal Justice Gene Luna, ex officio Student Housing Reid Montgomery Criminal Justice E. J. Newby Development Cynthia L. Steele Housing Services Melanie McAllister (Student) Debby Harnes (Student)

Health Professions Interview Committee

Eileen Korpita, Chair Pre-Professional Advising (ex-officio) Cheryl Addy Epidemiology & Biostatistics Lynne Bolt SC Honors College Edward Beardsley History William Carpenter Thomson Student Health Center Michael Dewey Biology George Handy Chemistry Eugene Mayer Microbiology & Immunology Linda Morphis Nursing David Reisman Biology Suzanne Thorpe Chemistry Martin Weinrich Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Health and Safety Oversight Committee

Kim E. Creek, Chair Pathology and Pediatrics (1998) F.R. Boockfor Cell Biology and Neuroscience (2000) Willam P. Dickens,Jr.ex officioHealth and Safety Programs Unit Jane Jameson Human Resources (2000) Charlie Jeffcoat Facilities Planning (2000) William Lamprecht USC Salkehatchie (2000) Carl Lopez Medicine (2000) Stephen Morgan Chemistry (2000) Lucia Pirisi Pathology (2000) Ardis Savory SPAR (2000) Carl Stokes Law Enforcement (2000) Richard Wertz, ex officio Business and Finance Robert Sabalis Medicine (1999) Bill Hill Student Affairs (1999) Richard Sowell Nursing (1999) Vicki Bowman Vance Biological Sciences (1999) Shealy McCoy, ex officio Health and Safety Programs Unit

Health Services Advisory Committee

Woody Carothers, Chair Student Affairs Roger Bowersock Counseling and Hum. Dev. Ctr. Thomas F. Brady Pharmacy Herbert Camp Student Life Debbie Haynes Educational Support Services William Hill Student Health Center Terry King Student Health Center Mel Miller Resident Student Development Lisa Mohn, ex-officio Student Health Center Linda Morphis Nursing Nancy A. Richeson Medicine John R. Ureda Health Promotion and Education Patricia P. Willer International Services, Byrnes Center William Blitch (Student) Sudha Xirasagar (Student) Charo Davis (Student) Rachel Abbonizio (Student) Purvi Patel (Student) Bernardo Perkinson (Student) Gesla Marie Wilson (Student Residence Hall Association) Jennifer Balkcum (Student Off-Campus Student Services) Dennis Duval (Student Office of Disability Services)

Horseshoe Historical Restoration Committee

George Terry, Chair Libraries and Information Systems Blease Graham Criminal Justice Norma Palms Office of the President Lynn Robertson McKissick Museum Peter Sederberg SC Honors College Grant Cauthen (Student) Susanne Newman (Student) Taylor Jones (Student)

Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

Franklyn F. Bolander, Chair Biological Sciences Thomas Coggins,ex officio SPAR Larry Durstine Exercise Science Carl Evans Religious Studies Walt Hunter Pharmacy Lewis Johnson Medicine Shauna Kelly Presbyterian Student Center Kathleen Kirasic Psychology Carl Lopez Family & Preventive Medicine Robert McKeown Epidemiology & Biostatistics Donald Powell Neuropsychiatry/Psychology (Adjunct) John Shupper Community Member Carol Williams Nursing

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Stanley D. Fowler, Chair Medicine Mrs. Thomas Ayers Community Member Robert Beattie,ex officio Animal Research Facilities, Medicine Lewis Bowman Biological Sciences Thomas Coggins,ex officio SPAR David Essig Public Health Abdul Ghaffar Medicine Joe Hick Community Member Charlie Jeffcoat,ex officio Facilities Planning Sandra Kelly Psychology Bozena Michniak Pharmacy Margaret Rentz, ex officio Animal Research Facilities, Medicine Leslie Sargent Jones Medicine Kenneth Walsh Pharmacology Lisa H. Colbert (Graduate Student) Philip Fairey (Graduate Student)

Insurance and Annuities Committee

Carol Bonnette, Chair Personnel and Human Resources Jeffery Cargile,ex officio Personnel and Human Resources Jerry Dockery Continuing Education Helen Doerpinghaus Business Administration John Freeman Law Gerald Goings Facilities Planning O. M. Higgins, Jr. Medicine Carey Huffman Payroll Travis Pritchett Business Administration Michael Smith History Sandra Tonnsen Education Sally Young, ex officio Legal Office

International Academic Advisory Committee

Donald Puchala, Chair Inst of Intl Studies (1999) Larraine Aun Intl Support for Faculty & Staff(1999) Novella Beskid Fellowships and Summer Programs (1998) John Mark Dean Inst of Public Affairs (1999) Wolfgang Elfe Germanic, Slavic & Oriental (1998) Robert Felix Law (1998) James Kuhlman Business Administration (2000) Michael Scardaville History (2000) Kent Sidel Journalism & Mass Communications(1999) Gordon Smith Liberal Arts (2000) Patricia Willer Intl Prog for Students (1999) John Winberry Geography (2000)

Campus Judicial Boards

Faculty Peter Graham Sport Administration Joann Morton Criminal Justice Staff Eileen Korpita Pre-Professional Advising Danielle McDonald Housing and Residential Services Dinah Long Small Business Development Center Sue Nelson Counseling and Human Development Center Mike Schoen Continuing Education Eric Tappa Geological Sciences Students Michael Bauer (alternate)Vince Roberts Alicia Bullard Jamie Jeffords Jennifer Schee Michelle Burke David Jenkins Joy Schied Michael Busby Wade Kolb, III Neel Shah Sharian Carter Kirsty McGuckian Lenna Shirley Camber Cauthen Nicole Meon Denise Steine Gita Chakrabarti Rechelle Paranal Sonal Toprani Elizabeth Chandler Suzanne Pavlisko Jenny Vanentine Kenyatta Counts Sara Pendarvis Amy Vu Courtney Fell Timothy Perrin Susan White Megan Hoffman John Segeser Gregory Winboume

Legal Residence Committee

Patrick Flynn, Chair Law Jerry Brewer Student Affairs Brenda Josey, ex officio Admissions Patrick Lardner Accounting Services Dale Moore Graduate School Admissions Joann Morton Criminal Justice Sally Young Legal (Student) (Student) (Student)

Committee on Named and Distinguished Professorships

Ward Briggs, Chair French & Classics (1999) Betty Glad GINT (1998) John Skvoretz Sociology (1998) Yuh Jin Chao Engineering (1999) William Bearden Business Administration (2000) Robert Herzstein (Spr 98) History (2000)

Newfilm Advisory Committee

Homer J. Walton, Chair Thomas Cooper Library Stephanie Buck Thomas Cooper Library John Lopiccolo Journalism and Mass Communications Elizabeth Qunell Library and Information Science Glenn R. Smith Distance Education and Instructional Support Allen Stokes Caroliniana Library Thomas E. Terrill History Sandra Wertz Media Arts

Orientation Committee

Harrison S. Greenlaw, Chair Student Orientation Robert Askins Registration & Records Daniel Berman University 101 and Media Arts James Burns Provisional Year Program James Copenhaver Music Donald Greiner Office of the Provost Scott King Admissions Mary Ellen O'Leary Mathematics Mary Ann Byrnes, ex officio Associate & Assistant Deans Council David Rembert, ex officio Associate & Assistant Deans Council Sam Truett (Student) Teretha Lewis (Student)

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Committee

(Ada B. Thomas) Jerome Jewler, Chair Journalism & Mass Communications Thomas Cafferty Psychology Gerald Cowley Biological Sciences Paul Fidler Student Affairs Donald Greiner Office of the Provost Walter Hanclosky Media Arts (advisory consultant) Kitty Strickland Retailing Gita Chakrabarti (Student) Crista Lee Gaffney (Student) Jamel Franklin (Student)

Outstanding Freshman Advocate Committee

Clifton Chestnut, Chair 1996 Award Recipient Daniel Berman University 101 James Burns Provisional Year Program Mary Ellen O'Leary Mathematics Denise Wellman Visitor Center Douglas Williams Geological Sciences (1998) Kathryn Henderson Student Representative (1998) Laura McFarland Student Representative (1998) Whitney Shively Student Representative (1998) Jenny Cooke Student Representative (1999) Lynsey Traynham Student Representative (1999) Brad Weeks Student Representative (1999)

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Committee

Ose Henderson, ex officio Graduate School William Bearden Business Administration Ann Coker Public Health Joseph Gibbons Engineering Thomas Rice English Lori Thombs Statistics Sandra Tonnsen Education John Scott Wilson History (Graduate Student)

96-97 Parking Committee

Derrick Huggins, ex officio Parking Manager James G. Fraser Criminal Justice Charlie Jeffcoat, ex officio Facilities Planning James McMahon Resident Student Development Ginger W. Reed University Advancement Carl B. Stokes Law Enforcement & Safety Richard D. Wertz Business and Finance Gesla Marie Wilson (On-Campus Student) Teretha Lewis (Off-Campus Student)

Pre-Professional Advising Committee

Eileen Korpita, ex officio Pre-Professional Advising Director Donald Greiner, ex officio Office of the Provost Lewis Burke Law Phyllis Burkhard Law Constance Hendricks Nursing Sandra Kelly Psychology Alan Medlin Law Robert Sabalis Medicine Donald Songer GINT James Stiver Honors College Foster Tait Philosophy Fontelle Thompson Biology Vicki Vance Biology

University Press Committee

James Hardin, Jr., Chair Germanic, Slavic & Oriental Lang(1999) Leon Ginsberg, Vice-Chair Social Work (1999) Matthew J. Bruccoli English (1999) Richard M. Showman Biological Sciences (1999) Mary Ann Wimsatt English (1999) Betty Glad GINT (2000) Robert Herzstein History (2000) Ron Wilder Economics (2000) Charles W. Kegley, Jr. GINT (2001) Catherine Fry, ex officio Press Director George D. Terry, ex officio University Libraries

Preston Residential College Advisory Committee

Alfred Nordmann, Chair Philosophy Carol Flake Education Maria Girardi Mathematics Donald Greiner,ex officio Provost's Office Karl Heider Anthropology Becky Lewis,ex officio Preston College Kevin Lewis,ex officio Preston College Gene Luna Student Housing James Miller English Melani Miller Student Housing Robert Oakman Computer Science Rosamond Sprague Philosophy, Emeritus Judy VanSlyke Turk Journalism and Mass Communications

Radiation Safety Committee

F. R. Boockfor, Chair Cell Biology and Neuroscience Lynn Dobbs,ex officio Health & Safety Programs Sondra Berger Pharmacy William Dickens, Jr. Interim Director of Health and Safety Paul R. Housley Pharmacology W. Stephen Kistler Chemistry & Biochemistry Bozena Michniak Pharmacy David Reisman Biological Sciences Daniel Zurosky, ex officio Radiation Safety (contact) Electronic Product Subcommittee Roger Dougal Engineering David F. Adcock Radiology Blanche Holliday, ex officio Health and Safety John W. Shervais Geology Hans-Conrad zur Loye Chemistry & Biochemistry

Regional Campuses Academic Advisory Council

Ellen Chamberlain, Chair Beaufort (1999) Jerry Odom, ex-officio Provost Donald Greiner, ex-officio Office of the Provost Dave Bowden Continuing Education (1998) Robert Castleberry Sumter (1998) John Catalano Lancaster (1998) Danny Faulkner Lancaster (1998) Wayne Chilcote Salkehatchie (1998) John Logue Sumter (1998) Tandy Willis Union (1998) Roy Darby Beaufort (1999) Jean Denman Union (1999) Marion (Buddy) Dunlap Continuing Education (1999) Ronald Harshbarger Beaufort (1999) Larry West Salkehatchie (1999)

Registration Committee

Richard Bayer, Chair Registrar Robert F. Askins Registration & Records Clair Boatwright Journalism and Mass Communications Mary Ann Byrnes Liberal Arts Terry L. Davis Admissions Robert Godfrey Financial Aid and Scholarships Janice S. Goings Law Harrison Greenlaw Orientation and Testing Ose Henderson Graduate School Linda Holland Computer Services David Hunter Regional Campuses & Continuing Education Carolyn Jones Business Administration Rebecca H. Mills Student Affairs, Medicine Katherine Reynolds Education Joseph Taylor Financial Services Taylor Jones (Student) Michael Draper (Student)

Committee on Religious Affairs

James B. Edwards, Chair Business Administration Anne Blackburn Religious Studies Lauren E. Brubaker Religious Studies Paul P. Fidler Student Affairs Julian Fincher Pharmacy Bernard L. Friedman Hillel Polly Haigler Nursing John McDermott Economics Robert J. Mulvaney Philosophy Jane Poster Baptist Student Union John Sageser (Student) Mary Dye (Student)

Research and Productive Scholarship Committee

R. Steven Etheredge, ex officio, contact, SPAR Category I - Research John Bryan Art Donald Englehardt Earth Sciences & Resources Institute W. Stephen Kistler Chemistry and Biochemistry James Morris Biological Sciences Jeffrey Patton Pathology Ronald Prinz Psychology Richard P. Ray Civil & Environmental Engineering C. Eugene Reeder Pharmacy Lynn Robertson McKissick Museum Douglas Woodward Business Administration Category II - Productive Scholarship Stephen Bishoff USC Sumter Ward Briggs French and Classics Charles Cook USC Sumter Deanna Leamon Art Susan Limber Institute for Families in Society Ralph Mathisen History Thomas J. Rice English Donald Songer GINT Kenneth Stevenson Education Douglas Wedell Psychology

Retention Committee

Paul P. Fidler, Chair Student Affairs Richard Bayer Registrar Daniel I. Berman University 101 and Media Arts Charlene W. Davis Enrollment Management Donald Greiner Office of the Provost Debbie Haynes Educational Support Gretchen Koehler-Shepley Housing Walter Jackson Multicultural Student Affairs Philip Moore Director of Assessment Joann Morton Criminal Justice Willard Sharp Geological Sciences Lala Steelman Sociology Kenneth Campbell Journalism and Mass Communications Carl Shirley Spanish, Italian & Portuguese Jacqueline Weisgarber (Student) Mary Dye (Student) Carey Ward (Student) Lisa Caplain (Student)

Risk Management Council

Richard Wertz, Chair Business and Finance Mike Bruce USC Spartanburg Marilyn Chassie Nursing John N. Gardner University 101 Jane M. Jameson Personnel and Human Resources Gene Luna Housing and Residential Life Shealey McCoy, Jr. Business Affairs Virginia Noel USC Aiken John N. Olsgaard Provost's Office Walter H. Parham Legal Department Ardis Savory SPAR Carl B. Stokes Law Enforcement & Safety

Russell and Educational Foundation Research Awards Committees

Russell Research Award, and USC Educational Foundation Research Award for Humanities and Social Sciences John Jensen Geography (1998) David Cowart English (1998) Abraham Wandersman, Chair Psychology (1999) Thomas Rice English (2000) David Willer Sociology (2000) Russell Research Award, and USC Educational Foundation Research Award for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Willard Moore Geological Sciences (1998) Daniel Reger, Chair Chemistry (1999) Michael Sutton Engineering (2000) Robert Thunell Geological Sciences (2000) James Tour Chemistry (2000) USC Educational Foundation Research Award for Health Sciences Stanley Fowler Medicine (1998) C. Eugene Reeder, Chair Pharmacy (1998) Sally Weinrich Nursing (1998) Russell Pate Public Health (1999) Dwight Underhill Public Health (2000) USC Educational Foundation Research Award for Professional Schools Geoffrey Alpert Criminal Justice (1998) H. Larry Winecoff Education (1998) David Owen Law (1999) Suzanne H. Stroman, Chair CAPS (1999) Charles Curran Library & Information Sci(2000) Daniel Feldman Business Administration (2000)

University Safety Committee

Richard Conant, Chair Music Sarah Boyd Continuing Education Carmela Carr Student Life Felicia Counts Human Resources James Doran Student Affairs Wolfgang Elfe Germanic, Slavic & Oriental Languages Calvin Gallman Police Department Eric Grabski University Police Department Weaver Grayson Law Enforcement and Safety Andy Fink Housing Mladen Milicevic Media Arts Frank Mims Operational Services Tricia Phaup Health & Wellness Programs Dennis Pruitt Student Affairs Mike Schoen Continuing Education Carl Stokes Law Enforcement and Safety Caroline Taylor Thomas Cooper Library Jamel Franklin (Student Body President) Kim Dickerson (Student Body Vice -President) Katherine Robson (Student) Christopher Reeves (Student)

Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee

Donald Stowe, Chair Applied Professional Sciences (1999) Dianne Johnson-Feelings English (1998) Douglas Meade Mathematics (1998) Aretha Pigford Education (1998) C. Reginold Brasington Applied Professional Sciences (1999) Helen Doerpinghaus Business Administration (1999) Ellen F. Potter Educational Psychology (1999) Harry Sapienza Business Administration (1999) Maribeth Coller Business Administration (2000) Harriett S. Williams Provisional Year Program (2000) Mike Dickson Pharmacy (2000) Sonya Duhe Journalism (2000) Richard Showman Biological Sciences (2000) Gerald Bird,ex officio Dir. Financial Aid & Scholarship Char Davis, ex officio Enrollment Mgmt Donald Greiner,ex officio Office of the Provost James Stiver,ex officio South Carolina Honors College Joseph Taylor, ex officio Financial Services Ruth Sproat,ex officio Development/Advancement Teretha Lewis (Student) Sam Truett (Student) Tamara Coleman (Student)

Scholarship Subcommittee/Carolina Scholars Selection Core Committee

Richard Showman, Chair Biological Sciences Jerry Bird,ex officio Financial Aid Mike Dickson Pharmacy Don Greiner, ex officio Office of the Provost Henry Price Journalism and Mass Communications Peter Sederberg, ex officio SC Honors College Ruth Sproate, ex officio Development Steve Stancyk Marine Sciences Harriett Williams Applied Professional Sciences

Carolina Scholars Selection Committee

(Subcommittee of Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee) Richard Showman, Chair Biology Colin Bennett Mathematics Jerry Bird, ex officio Financial Aid Ward Briggs French and Classics G. James Burns Provisional Year Program Bruce Coull School of the Environment Terry Davis, ex officio,contact Admissions Mike Dickson Pharmacy Sonya Duhe Journalism R. Bruce Dunlap Chemistry Francis Gadala-Maria Engineering Scott Goode Chemistry Andrew Gowan Music Donald J. Greiner Office of the Provost/English Molly Gribb Engineering Ina Hark English Thomas J. Hilbish Biological Sciences Judith James English Michael Jinnette, ex officio Admissions Jessica Kross History Nancy Lane French and Classics Thomas Leatherman Anthropology Kevin Lewis Religious Studies Steven Mann Business Administration Carolyn Matalene English Robin Morris Psychology Michael Myrick Chemistry Mary Ellen O Leary Mathematics Ellen Potter Education Henry Price Journalism and Mass Communications Richard Ray Engineering David Rembert Science and Mathematics Christopher Robinson Art Peter Sederberg, ex officio SC Honors College Ruth Sproat, ex officio Development Steve Stancyk Marine Biology James Stiver SC Honors College Michael Sutton Engineering Lori Thombs Statistics Lauren Tucker Journalism and Mass Comm John Van Zee Engineering Marcia Welsh Developmental Biology and Anatomy Ernest Wiggins Journalism and Mass Comm Douglas Williams SC Honors College Harriett Williams CAPS Douglas Woodward Business Administration Lynn Zoch Journalism and Mass Communications (Student) (Student) (Student) (Student) (Student)


Christopher Robinson, Chair Art Sally Boyd Life Long Learning Thomas Cafferty Psychology Walter Edgar Southern Studies Cynthia Lawson Admissions Steven Mann Business Administration Richard Ray Engineering Lori Thombs Statistics Reenea Harrison, ex officio South Carolina Honors College Peter Sederberg, ex officio South Carolina Honors College James L. Stiver, ex officio Philosopy Aubrey Campbell (Student) Michelle Marinkovic (Student)


Randy Rose, Co-chair Business Administration (1998) Gene Stephens Criminal Justice (1999) Richard Peterson Journalism and Mass Communications (2000) Jerry Brewer, ex officio, (contact) Student Life Erik Collins, ex officio Journalism and Mass Communications Kent Sidel, ex officio Journalism and Mass Communications Harriet Williams, ex officio Applied Professional Sciences Emilie Greene (Student) (1998) Peter Siachos (Student) (1998) Penny Owens, Co-chair (Student) (1999) Tiffany Williams (Student) (1999)


Jamel Franklin (Student Body President) Kim Dickerson (Student Body Vice President) Mike Moore (Grad Student) Penny Owens (Student) Susanne Newman (Student)


John Olsgaard, Chair Provost's Office John Duffy Regional Campuses Jane Jameson Human Resources Walter Parham Legal Blanche Premo-Hopkins USC Aiken Jane Stephens USC Spartanburg


Daniel Barron, Chair Library & Information Science Blease Graham Criminal Justice Judy Prince USC Spartanburg W.F. Ranson Engineering John Safko Physics and Astronomy Kent Sidel Journalism & Mass Communications Donald Stowe Interdisciplinary Studies, CAPS Dianne Ward Public Health John Watson Computer Services Paul Yazel Business Administration Sue Young Nursing Susan Bridwell, ex officio Distance Education John Olsgaard, ex officio Office of the Provost


Warren W. Carothers, Chair Student Affairs Betty Bullard Educational Leadership & Policies Kenneth E. Peters Core Courses, APS Renee Harrison Cook Honors College Robert Janiskee Geography Mladen Milicevic Media Arts William Stanley Geography ex officio Parking & Vehicle Registration Andrea Rocha (Grad Student) Seneca McDaniel (Student) Teretha Lewis (Student) Dentavius Barber (Student) Lisa Magnarelli (Alternate) Shelley Haddock (Alternate) Amy Leahy (Alternate) Susanne Newman (Alternate)


John Gardner University 101, Director Dan Berman University 101, Co-Director Danny Baker Criminal Justice Paul Beasley Trio Programs Jim Burns Applied Professional Science Deborah Cureton USC Lancaster Paul Fidler Student Affairs Ina Rae Hark Liberal Arts Carolyn Jones Business Administration Gene Luna Housing Lisa Mohn Health & Wellness Mary Ellen O'Leary Mathematics Dorothy Payne Music Leonard Pellicer Education David Rocheleau Engineering Larry Salters Career Center George Terry Libraries & Info Systems Judy VanSlyke Turk Journalism and Mass Communications Harold White Athletics Donald Greiner, ex-officio Office of the Provost Jamel Franklin (Student Body President) (Graduate Student with University 101) (Graduate Student with University 101) (Student) (Student)


Shealy McCoy, Chair Risk Management Council Jeff Cargile Human Resources Michael W. Findley USC Aiken Phil Knox USC Spartanburg Lawrence Pathel University Police Department Ed Shelley Facilities Carl B. Stokes Law Enforcement & Safety Derrick Huggins Transportation Services Jayne Hatchell, Secretary Risk Management


Julie Harden, Chair Veteran s Affairs Boyd Black Financial Services Sally Boyd Lifelong Learning Woody Carothers, ex-officio Student Development Bobby Gist, ex officio Affirmative Action Officer Bob Godfrey Student Financial Aid and Scholorships Sherwood L. Stark Admissions Donald Stowe Interdisciplinary Studies, CAPS Diane Sanderson Office of the Registrar Penny Owens (Student) William B. Herritage (Student) (Student)


Lynn Weber, ex officio, Chair Women s Studies Director Maxine Higgins, ex officio Program Coordinator Sarah B. Boyd Lifelong Learning Kathy Evans Educational Psychology Paula R. Feldman English Lessie Jo Frazier History Miriam Freeman Social Work Faye Harrison Women s Studies/Anthropology Alice Kasakoff Anthropology Kevin Lewis Religious Studies Marlene Mackey Nursing James Miller African American Studies Barbara Morrison Social Work Vicky Newman Educational Leadership & Policies Sandra Wertz Media Arts Carolyn West USC Sumter Laura Woliver GINT (Student) Rebekah Bradley (Spr 97) (Graduate Student) (Graduate Student) (Student)