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Leadership Scholars Program

2012-2013 Leadership Scholars

Nine students were identified as Leadership scholars for the 2012-2013 school year.

Rebecca Marasco

The EcoRep Southeast Regional Conference
The EcoReps of USC have already developed extremely successful sustainable initiatives at the University of South Carolina. We propose to expand our influence and reach to a wider audience in solidarity with EcoRep programs across the nation's higher education institutions. We plan to form a committee of students from neighboring universities who will serve to plan a three-day Southeastern EcoReps Conference.  The Conference intends to unite passionate students who will share ideas, learn communication and leadership skills, and engage in discussion of sustainability issues through organized workshops. In addition, the EcoReps of USC will plan events throughout the 2012-2013 academic year to offset the carbon footprint used during the Conference in March.

Connor Bain & Kali Esancy

Carolina Science Outreach
Carolina Science Outreach (CSO) is a student-run organization dedicated to effectively communicating scientific ideas to the public. Through our presentations, we not only inspire others to delve into science, but allow our members to learn effective communication and professional skills, while also becoming our community's next leaders. In addition to the successes already accomplished by the CSO, we hope to develop a new technological presence, develop mini-camps for students, collaborate with other student organizations on USC's campus, work with interested professors, and begin a new CSO Lecture series that will reach hundreds of people in our community.

Ashley Cook

Tunes for Troopers:
Enhancing the Lives of Veterans Through Music

Tunes for Troopers is meant to give an improved quality of life to the residents of the Dorn VA Hospital. My woodwind quintet will present monthly performances at the hospital over the next year to bring residents the joy and creativity of an intimate musical setting.

John Clegg

Pumpkin Chunkin'
Students from low income backgrounds and rural high schools often times do not receive much exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) related subjects or careers. This is a byproduct of the socioeconomic background of the students' communities, and not a reflection of their personal abilities to pursue STEM careers that could potentially be financially supportive, professionally rewarding, and cognitively engaging. The Pumpkin Chunkin' contest is a fun way to expose high school students to the various STEM concepts of dynamics, materials, and design, while constructing a trebuchet that will launch pumpkins at a maximal trajectory.

Olivia Keyes

The "Ask My Name" Campaign
The "Ask My Name" Campaign (AMN) is a new approach to the bullying problem. Targeted at children and adults at all walks of life, AMN invites participants to tell a story, show a talent, or share a fact about themselves that no one would know about them unless they bothered to ask. The idea behind this approach is that instead of victimizing someone, a person is humanized by sharing something personal with the audience beforehand. As research shows, humanizing a person in the face of adversity is the first step towards ending prejudice. Showing the power of personal voice in documentaries by citing my own short films and other professional works, I will teach students how to construct their own pieces by going through the filmmaking process step-by-step: pre-production planning, production, post-production, and distribution. The short films are all compiled on an official website, where anyone can submit a project and other resources are available about bullying and how to prevent it.

Candra Chaisson

Project O.N.E
Project O.N.E will provide community sports tournaments for children and adults. Sport tournaments will promote fitness and health awareness within the Gonzales Gardens community. The project will sponsor children's sports camps in the summer as well, which will teach the fundamentals of sports and proper technique. I want to influence and inspire others to accomplish feats and challenges that they believe may not have been possible through Project O.N.E's tournaments. Project O.N.E will benefit the community I am a part of through teamwork, effective communication, and individual growth which will lead others ethically and morally, and inspire others to be leaders within their own communities and throughout the world.

Meghan Conroy

Curing Columbia, Hospital Volunteer Corps
The Curing Columbia initiative is a project that provides USC students with the means to volunteer at Palmetto Health Richland. Lack of transportation and funds prevent students from contributing to hospital communities, and Curing Columbia will solve those issues for 28 students by providing rides, uniforms, and general training. Over the 2012-2013 academic year, students will volunteer 3-4 hours per week and develop networking and leadership skills, and experience in the professional medical realm while enrolled in the Curing Columbia program.

Devon Thurman

Future Trial Lawyers of America:
Empowering Youth through Advocacy Education

Future Trial Lawyers of America: Empowering Youth through Advocacy Education is high school outreach project that will serve as a mentoring program. The project will include a system of coaching and trial advocacy workshops, as well as attendance in an annual mock trial tournament for high school teams. Giving high school age students access to college mock trial competitors and attorneys alike will provide them with valuable recourses when preparing for competition, future mock trials, and careers in the legal profession. This initiative also teaches students communication, interpersonal, and persuasion skills that will benefit their academic capacities.

For more information, contact:

Ryan Day
Graduate Assistant, Carolina Leadership Initiative
Phone: 803-777-1673
Email: rday@email.sc.edu
Office: Gambrell Hall, Room 330

Last Updated: August 30, 2012.