2011 Promising Investigator Research Award

Application Procedure
  1. Develop a three to five page proposal narrative that provides:
    • A brief discussion of the background and significance of the proposed idea, including its relation to the present state of knowledge in the field.
    • A detailed narrative of the project that includes the objectives, significance of the research, the research task and expected accomplishments during the course of the project, the specific outcome of the project, and a discussion of potential external funding sources.
    • A maximum of one page should be devoted to discussing how the research/creative activity that you complete will help you in your career, and help you achieve tenure.
    • Proposal should be double-spaced with margins not less than one-half inch and using a font size not less than 11 pts.

  2. Attach the following supporting documentation to the end of the proposal narrative:
    • Bibliography (should be included as appropriate, but will not be counted in the narrative page limitation).
    • Two-page biographical sketch of the principal investigator and also of the co-principal investigator(s), if any, that includes:
      1. Education
      2. Professional Experience
      3. Evidence of scholarship: most significant refereed journal articles, books, and book chapters, etc.
      4. Significant accomplishments and contributions
      5. Other information as appropriate
    • Current and pending support. Include current grant funding and pending grant funding using the form provided here.
    • If you have received support from the Office of the Research and Graduate Education within the past, include a short paragraph on each award which includes the funding amount and the benefits of the funds to your research/creative activity program.
    • A detailed budget (budget form provided here) and budget justification (budget justification form provided here) for total project costs consistent with the list of allowable costs shown above, using the forms provided on this site. Plese see the information regarding the budget justification provided on the PIRA Program website.

  3. Submit the completed proposal packet:
    • Through USCeRA (https://sam.research.sc.edu/uscera/) and APPROVED by your chair, dean and/or chancellor before 5:00 pm on deadline date.
    • Application Receipt Date: Monday, November 15, 2010.
    • Select "Internal Request VP for Research" and choose the category type (PIRA I or II) from the USCeRA drop down menu to ensure proper proposal routing. Failure to check the box will result in your proposal NOT being reviewed.
    • The Internal Commit Form should be used to list the amount that you are requesting from the VPR. Do not enter an amount in the Start-Up box. Enter in the amount that you are requesting for each year in the corresponding box. The total will calculate automatically for you. Do NOT use the Internal Commit Form to enter cost share. Use the Cost Share form to enter cost share. For more detailed instructions, please read the instruction found here.
    • Upload your proposal as ONE file using Adobe PDF or MSWord formats.
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