SCATP Advisory Council

The SCATP Advisory Council meets twice a year to receive information about the latest SCATP activities and provide input into SCATP's plan. Throughout the year, individual Council members are consulted about program activities and plans. Below is our Council membership list:

Dr. Allen Corbett, Chairman
Allen Corbett, Chairman
  • Allen Corbett
  • SC Developmental Disabilities Council (Governor’s Office)
    Valarie Bishop
    Director, S.C. Developmental Disabilities Council, Office of the Governor
  • Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
    Jennifer Jaques
    HASCI Program Coordinator
    • Designated by: Linda C. Veldheer, Ph.D.
      Director, HASCI Division, South Carolina DDSN
  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
    Ann Iriel
    Director, Planning and Program Development
    SC Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Protection and Advocacy State System
    Kathleen A. Martin, Esq.
    Team Leader/Outreach, Information & Referral
    P&A for People with Disabilities, Inc.
    • Designated by: Gloria Prevost
      Director, P&A for People with Disabilities, Inc.,
      Protection and Advocacy State System
  • State Centers for Independent Living
    Jed Elmaleh, MPT, CAPS, MSCS
    Adaptive Home Design,
    State Center for Independent Living
    • Designated by: AccessAbility
  • Kimberly Tissot
    Executive Director, AbleSC, Inc.
  • State Commission for the Blind
    David Bundy
    Telecom/AT Specialist
    SC Commission for the Blind
    • Designated by: James Kirby, Commissioner,
      SC Commission for the Blind
    • Designated by: Ed Bible,
      SC Commission for the Blind
  • State Department of Education
    Madalina Tudora
    Assistive Technology Specialist
    • Designated by:
      Program Coordinator,
      Office of Exceptional Children,
      SC Department of Education
  • Workforce Development Board
    Tudy Newsom
    SC Dept. of Employment and Workforce
    EO Officer for the state’s Workforce Investment Act
  • Sam Creech
    Director of Information Technology, Walton Options
  • Tanya M. Inabinet
    Pro-Parents Education Coordinator, Columbia, SC
    • Designated by: Mary Eaddy, Director,
      Pro-Parents of SC
  • David Jones
    Chair, SC Independent Living Council
  • Denise Riley Pensmith
    Director, Client Assistance Program
    Division of Ombudsman & Citizen Services
  • Lee Speer
    Interim Statewise Vision Consultant
    SC School for the Deaf and the Blind

SCATP Advisory Council members at the August 2006 meeting

SCATP Advisory Council, August 2008 meeting

Lee Spears and Val Gioia

Sandy Hanebrink

Janet Jendron, Paul Timmons, Camille Fallaw

Robin O'Brien, Susan Floyd

Mary Alice Bechtler, Kirk Garrett Jr., Kirk Garrett Sr.

Sam Creech, Scottie O'Neal

Dr. David Rotholz, _,
Dr. Carol Page, and Sam Creech

Mark Riffle and Ann Iriel

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