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There is an inconsistency in the naming conventions among the four primary browsers developers. For this reason this directory has standardized on using the term “extension”. This also includes what some browser developers call “add-ons”. The directory also contains little information about extensions for Internet Explorer and Safari. This is because the developers of these browsers Microsoft and Apple also develop operating systems which is their focus when adding functionality. Google is focused instead on making the browser the operating system with the introduction of its Chromium operating system. The directory does not cover extensions for the browser Opera, which is very popular in some circles. Opera has adopted the same extension interface that is used by Google Chrome. This means the Chrome extensions will work on both browsers.

Finding Extensions

Finding extensions is easy. The two primary places to download extensions are from the extension developer and from the browser developer. Having an extension included in a browser developers “store” requires that it goes through a validation process and adds some legitimacy to the extension. It is recommended that extensions be downloaded from the browser developer’s “store”. This helps to assure that extension is valid and won’t introduce a virus or spyware into your system. It has been found that the search capabilities of the browser developer’s “stores” may not always be the best way to find extensions. It is instead recommended that Google be used with some appropriate search terms.

Chrome  Chrome Logo (

Firefox  Firefox Logo (

Internet Explorer  Internet Explorer Logo (

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Selecting Extensions

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a quality browser extension. First, you should look at user reviews, number of users that have submitted reviews and the overall rating. If there are only a small number of user reviews then this rating may not be a good indicator. Next look at the number of people that are using the extension. A large user base generally indicates a good extension. The size of the user base is not a good indicator for extensions that have just been published. Lastly look at the maturity of the extension. This includes when the extension was first published, how often updates have been made, and how long ago the last update was made. Just like the browser, extensions should be maintained and releasing regular updates to keep pace changes in the browser. If an extension has not be updated in over a year ago, then this probably indicates it is not being actively maintained.

Special Mention

In putting together this directory a notable extension was discovered called the ATBar. This extension combines many of the functions of extensions highlighted below into a single toolbar which installs as an extension to Chrome. It is also available as a bookmark for all browsers and as an application for Windows operating systems.

ATbar Icon
Extension: ATbar
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: University of Southhampton (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/2/567
Summary: A toolbar of many functions including formatting text, spell check, dictionary, text to speech, word prediction and color customization.

Large Print

No Small Text Icon
Extension: No Small Text
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: pjs
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/21/6,900
Summary: Set a minimum font size for all web content.

Font Size Increase Icon
Extension: Font Size Increase
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: StefanVD
Stars/Reviews/Users: 2.5/101/15,437
Summary: Make the font size on a page bigger with one click.

Zoom Text Only Icon
Extension: Zoom Text Only
Browser: Chrome Logo Safari Logo
Author: Lihan Li (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.5/21/1,807
Summary: Only makes font size bigger, images stay original size.

Hover Zoom Icon
Extension: Hover Zoom
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Hover Zoom (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/3493/939,378
Summary: Enlarges images on mouseover.

Screen Reader

ChromeVox Icon
Extension: ChromeVox
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Google (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.0/111/26,223
Summary: Allows keyboard navigation and reading of webpage.

Contrast/Color Options

Color Transform Icon
Extension: Color Transform
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: pjs
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/8/930
Summary: Adapts page colors to needs.

Chrome Daltonize Icon
Extension: Chrome Daltonize
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Daltonize (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.0/89/13,680
Summary: Adjust colors to be accessible.

High Contrast Icon
Extension: High Contrast
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Google Accessibility (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.5/355/176,245
Summary: Adjust the contrast of a web page, including inversion and grayscale.

Change Colors Icon
Extension: Change Colors
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Strav (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/466/54,000
Summary: Adjust font, foreground, background and hyperlink colors.


Page Zoom Buttons Icon
Extension: Page Zoom Buttons
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: Michael Buckley and LouCypher
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/60/8,942
Summary: Toolbar buttons to control full page zoom.

MouseZoom Icon
Extension: MouseZoom
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: Mr. Pradox
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/121/9,535
Summary: Zoom with the mouse.

ChromeVIS Log
Extension: ChromeVIS
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Google (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.0/98/12,919
Summary: Magnifies selected text and sets foreground and background colors.


Read & Write for Google
Extension: Read & Write for Google
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/6400/1,495,470
Summary: Provides text-to-speech and definition and pronunciation for words that are highlighted on a web page.

Text to Voice Icon
Extension: Text to Voice
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: ViJo
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/123/33,514
Summary: Highlight text on web page and it will read it outload.

Conversion to Audio File

FoxVox Icon
Extension: FoxVox
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: nibl
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/35/3,429
Summary: Text to speech or text to audio file.

SoundGecko Icon
Extension: SoundGecko
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: SoundGecko (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/105/28,763
Summary: Highlight and listen to text live or download a MP3 file.


Dictionary Bubble Icon
Extension: Dictionary Bubble
Browser: Firefox Logo
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/73/22,700
Summary: Online dictionary and audio pronunciation in a pop up.

Dictionary Pop Up Icon
Extension: Dictionary Pop Up
Browser: Firefox Logo
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/41/18,860
Summary: Online dictionary and thesaurus in a pop-up.

Google Dictionary Icon
Extension: Google Dictionary (by Google)
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Google (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/6400/1,495,470
Summary: Provides definition and pronunciation for words that are highlighted on a web page.


Simple Highlighter Icon
Extension: Simple Highlighter
Browser: Chrome Logo Safari Logo
Author: pjs
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.0/200/35,334
Summary: Allows you to highlight text on a website in different colors and save them for future reference.

Speech Recognition

Oweb Voice Input Icon
Extension: Oweb Voice Input
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Wei Lou (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/879/127,940
Summary: Allows voice input for text boxes on web sites.

Dicta-note Icon
Extension: Dicta-note - Speech Recognizer
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.0/339/54,792
Summary: Allows voice input and enters the equivalent text into an editor (web app not extension).

Simple Dictation Icon
Extension: Simple Dictation
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: KS
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.5/23/6,289
Summary: Allows voice input and enters the equivalent text into an editor.

Spelling/Grammar Check

Spell and Grammar checker by Ginger Icon
Extension: Ginger
Browser: Chrome Logo Firefox Logo Safari Logo
Author: Ginger Software (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.0/368/230,440
Summary: Contextual grammar and spell checker.

After the Deadline Icon
Extension: After the Deadline - Spell and Grammar Checker
Browser: Chrome Logo Firefox Logo
Author: After the Deadline
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3/52/171,358
Summary: Grammar checker and spell checker.


Reader Icon
Extension: Reader
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: Baris Derin
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/51/28,375
Summary: Text to speech.

Readability Icon
Extension: Readability
Browser: Chrome Logo Firefox Logo Safari Logo
Author: Readability (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/427/210,119
Summary: Eliminates advertising and other clutter on a web page so that only the text is displayed.

Extension: TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read)
Browser: Chrome Logo
Classification: Productivity
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4.5/113/46,713
Summary: Analyzes the content and creates summarized versions in four different lengths on any webpage
Best Suited For: Reduction in cognitive load when reading information from online websites

Instant Copy Selected Text

AutoCopy Icon
Extension: Auto Copy
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Jamie Hill (
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.5/175/26,034
Summary: Highlight text on a web page and it automatically copies it so it can be pasted into a document.

Copy On Select Icon
Extension: Copy on Select
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: spyrosoft
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/12/396
Summary: Highlighted text is instantly copied to clipboard.

Instant File

Save Text to File Icon
Extension: Save Text to File
Browser: Firefox Logo
Author: Robert Byrne
Stars/Reviews/Users: 5/37/25,378
Summary: Saves highlighted text to a file in a specified directory.

Topic Organization

Pocket Icon
Extension: Pocket
Browser: Chrome Logo Firefox Logo Safari Logo
Author: Read It Later, Inc
Stars/Reviews/Users: 4/820/303,054
Summary: Stores web content for reading later.

Read Later Fast Icon
Extension: Read Later Fast
Browser: Chrome Logo
Author: Save for Later
Stars/Reviews/Users: 3.5/22/9560
Summary: Saves webpage or webpage link to a specific file.

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