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Keyboarding skills are necessary for using word processing software, but are also required if using database software, email or instant message communication. From an academic standpoint, keyboarding can help students with poor handwriting skills maintain academic success. Keyboarding skills are a must for students interested in higher levels of education.


  • Keyboarding Education For The College Student
    With the widespread use of computers, it has become a necessity for young adults to know how to properly use this technology, including the proper use of the keyboard.
  • GoodTypingFree online typing course.
  • TypeRacer – Improve your typing speed through an online ranking competition.
  • Typing WebOnline typing course that keeps track of progress.
  • BBC Dance Mat Typing – Flash-based keyboard learning game with cartoons.
  • Type to Learn – Educational typing software in school districts. Trial download available.
  • Learn Typing – Free online typing tutor with varying skill levels.
  • Keyboard Challenge – Learn the letter placement by putting mixed up keys back into their correct places on the keyboard.
  • Typing Lessons and Games – Several typing tutorials, games, and typing tests will provide kids with lots of keyboarding practice.
  • Fun to Type – Play fun games like Zombie Defender, Type-a-Balloon, Type Toss and more on this website.
  • Dance Mat Typing – Learn to type with funny cartoon characters and silly games.
  • Computer Circus – Eight lessons of three lines each test typing speed and accuracy.
  • Find the Letter – In this game, see how many letters can be matched to the one on the screen within thirty seconds.
  • Growing with Technology – Five different levels of animated games teach a range of typing skills.
  • Tux Typing – Free keyboarding games featuring Tux the penguin can be downloaded here.
  • Typing Tutor – This game features falling letters that must be stopped before hitting the ground; the speed of the letters falling can be adjusted.
  • Ready, Set, Type! – Choose a character and type quickly and accurately to win the race in this animated game.
  • Softactivity Keyboarding Games - Choose from a number of games to practice your keyboarding and then test yourself
  • Spelling and Typing Games – Sharpen typing speed and accuracy with fun spelling and typing games on a variety of topics.
  • Super Hyper Spider Typer – Save the spider from being eaten by hungry lizards in this exciting animated typing game; there are other typing games on this site as well.
  • Peter's online Typing Course – Advice on how to type comfortably, the best way to learn typing, and more is given and many different typing exercises are offered in this typing course.
  • Typing Exercise – This exercise focuses on learning where letters are on the keyboard and is good for beginning typists.
  • Touch Typing – Learn to touch type, then move up from lesson one to seven-there is also the option to copy and paste any chosen text into a box and use it for the typing lesson.
  • Keyboarding I – Speed and accuracy activities with themes like holidays, alphabet practice, typing to lyrics, and games are given on this school website.
  • Learn Typing – Practice typing with lessons that range from beginner to advanced and learn many keyboard shortcuts.
  • Keyboarding Practice – Seventeen drills and four tests are given here that will help improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding.
  • Keyboarding Practice Materials – Parents or friends can dictate these keyboarding drills while the learner types; nineteen are available.
  • Word Games Typing Test – Take a quick, one sentence typing test here.
  • Typing Test – Seven different timed typing tests are offered on this site; time, speed, and mistakes are listed to the side.
  • Keyboarding – Practice typing sentences, letters, numbers, and more with this tutorial; three timed typing tests are available too.
  • Typing Tutorials – Practice typing with sixteen typing tutorials that test typing speed and accuracy.
  • Keyboarding Skills – An animated space themed game with sound teaches different typing skills and includes several different levels.
  • Keyseeker – Even kindergarteners can learn to type with this easy game that helps kids to learn the home keys.
  • Text Type 2 – Typing lessons that go from beginner to advanced are offered here, with the option of speech, text, or speech and text lessons.
  • Keyboarding Skills Are Vital – Several fun, multi-level animated games that help kids with a variety of keyboarding topics are presented here.
  • NimbleFingers – Read tips on proper typing technique and improve typing skills with keyboarding lessons of different levels and flash card typing games.
  • Typing Adventure – Treasure Dive is a fun game offered on this site for free; there is also a free typing test.
  • Type Scout – This website offers lots of fun games to teach typing including Typetris and Memorix.