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Comments Received in 2009

  • I want to express my appreciation for all the information that you send out.  As President of the Columbia Parkinson's Support Group, I find that your information is valuable to our members and their caregivers.  I have included several of your items in our meetings, with the email I send out, and on our support group website.  So "Thank You" for taking the time to send out your emailings - much appreciated! Please feel free to visit the Columbia Parkinson's Support Group website!
  • We utilize it in providing our own Information and Referral Services to people with disabilities who call us. We also appreciate the announcements of training opportunities.
  • I find out about webinars and conferences from this listserv that I may not find out about through any other information vehicle. I also like to read about what is going on in South Carolina and the other states regarding AT devices and services. Thank you!
  • It keeps me abreast of new technology, law and conferences. Thank you for all of your support.
  • I can't always help out or attend everything but it's really exciting to know just what's out there and how much the world for the disabled is improving through our united efforts. From all corners of this state and the world, we stand strong! Go AT network!
  • The SCATP listserv plays a key role in my ability to stay up-to-date with new technologies, software, and training opportunities.
  • The AT listserv is a fast and easy way to get information out to many people in a fast and cost effective way. It is also a way to get help sometimes in just a manner of minutes from others who use the listserv.
  • Without this information, I would not be informed on a lot of issues. Thanks again for these valuable emails. Keep up the good work.
  • I really love getting the emails!
  • Great information and provided in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!
  • Provides relevant information in a highly useful format that can be saved or distributed.
  • I share applicable information with our teachers, and they are very happy to hear it!
  • While not all of the posts are relevant to my practice, it is one of the most dependable ways for me to get information about what is happening locally.
  • This is great for our military community.
  • This listserv has an excellent variety of information for recipients. I've shared the information with coworkers, too.
  • It is well deserved! The information is some of the best I get, and is always very helpful. Your emails have their own special folder. This way I know where to look when I need the information!
  • It has been a tremendous help with our resource manual.

Recent questions posed to the AT Online Network:

  • Are there any sources for manual wheelchair donations?
  • I need information about Speech-to-text packages such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. What are people using who need to have voice input to their computers? Is there anyone else that I can consult with that needs voice input and speech output? If so, what packages are they using? Which ones work well together?
  • I'm interested in finding other parents whose children successfully use AT in the schools.
  • Does anyone have advice on selecting cell phones for people in wheelchairs?
  • Do you have any recommendations for a parent who is looking for software for a child with visual perception/processing problems?

We had a great question about adapted art activities, which generated a summary of responses seen at Adapted Art Activities.

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