Literacy Software

Links for Literacy Software (some freeware and shareware included)

For a comparison of literacy software features, see the National Center for Technology Innovation's Techmatrix.

Text to Speech

Audio Bookmaker
Text reading software for Windows XP.

Text-to-Speech program for Windows XP. Can read e-books.

E-Text Reader
Text reader with bookmarking and multiple format support.

Background program that reads aloud any text on computer screen.

Kurzweil 3000
Powerful education software for multiple platforms with text to speech and study aids.

Lexia Early Reading - IT Education Co.
Reading aid program with lessons, tests, and iPad app

Text reader with audio conversion and OCR

Nonvisual desktop access (NVDA)
Open source text reader with Braille support

Open Book 6.X
Scanning and text reading software for printed media

PowerTalk - free version available
Reads text in PowerPoint presentation as slides appear.

Premier Assistive Technologies
Offers a suite of reading assistance programs for Windows and Mac

Text Help
Toolbar and web-based text readers for Windows and Mac

2nd Speech Center
Document and webpage reader with multiple language support

Simple text to speech program with batch text file conversion

Spoken Text
Online service can convert copied text into a downloadable recording

TalkMail - free version available
Lets you send high quality audio messages to any e-mail address

Text Aloud MP3
Reads text from multiple sources and saves to several formats

Ultimate Reading Machine
Text reader and converter integrates into Outlook and has variable reading speed

Microsoft Word plugin (for all versions) that reads and highlights text

Wynn or Wynn Wizard
Highlights text as it is read

Web application creates downloadable audio file for typed text

Free OCR
Upload a file (jpg, gif, 1 page pdf) and have it converted to text


Audio Pal
Allows users to convert text to audio and embed it in a website

In-browser text reader for websites with highlighting

Click Speak
Firefox extension designed for sighted users who want text-to-speech

Easy Reader
E-book reader with highlighting

Browser add-on and App that extracts content from web pages for easier reading

TechDis AT Toolbar
Browser toolbar that provides text reading and spell checking

Allows you to type in a webpage and have the service read out the contents in your browser

Spelling, Grammar, and Word Prediction

Lets you assign acronymes to commonly typed phrased to reduce the amount of typing

Click N’ Type
Free virtual keyboard with many features

Word prediction software for students with spelling and grammar correction

Ginger Software
Real-time correction of grammar mistakes in typing

Ghotit Context Spell Check
Text reader plus spelling and grammar correction

Offers suggestions for misspelled words

Writing Sample Analyzer
Browser-based text analyzer determined readability of pasted text

Spell Checker
Online spell checker, grammar and thesaurus

Free Online Spell Checker
Corrects spelling in pasted text for multiple languages

Free Spell
Downloadable spell checker to work with all Windows-based programs

Adapted Books

Accessibility and E-Readers
List of popular e-readers and their accessibility features

Alive Text to Speech
Converts selected text into audio file or reads it aloud

E-book reading app with text to speek and many other features

CC Prose
CC Prose combines audio, large print text, synchronized closed captions classic literature. Uses machine translations in multiple languages.

Digital Books Index
Sources for free, downloadable and web-based e-books

eBook Library at the University of Virginia
Direct access to 1,800 free Microsoft Reader files

IntelliTools Classroom Suite
K-8 education suite can be tailored to individual student needs

International Children’s Digital Library
Collection of digital books from around the world

Start to Finish Books
Specially written books in several formats for children below normal reading level


Draft: Builder
Writing assistance program that breaks composition down into parts to increase focus

Kidspiration or Inspiration
Graphic organizers and concept mapping

Text Compactor
Online tool for trimming down lengthy writing

Write Outloud
Writing assistant reads word aloud as they're typed

Text to MP3

Spoken Text
Translate text into speech and download the audio file

Type or paste text and online tool will read it or send audio file to e-mail address

Online file conversion. Supports documents, audio, video, e-books, and archives

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