South Carolina Assistive Technology Program Summary 2009

SCATP serves people of all ages and abilities:

  • Children, adults, and older adults with disabilities and their families
  • Older adults experiencing difficulty with daily activities
  • Professionals in disability related fields such as health care, social services, education, rehabilitation, or other human services
  • Employers and employees in private and public settings

SCATP fulfills the major requirements of federal legislation funding in the following three areas:

Device Reutilization:

SCATP funds, administers and promotes the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange, an online recycling database, to help citizens with disabilities and older people with functional limitations find affordable assistive technology devices and equipment. SCATP also works with Walton Options as part of the Southeastern Technology Access and Reuse (STAR) Network, to provide pick up, sanitization and delivery of used equipment to South Carolinians statewide. SCATP also works with Portlight Strategies, Inc.(based in Charleston) to create a network of churches and affiliated organizations to provide used equipment to unserved, and underserved communities and individuals.

Device Loan:

SCATP offers a short-term device loan program that is available to anyone in the state of South Carolina, allowing people with disabilities, their family members and service providers to try out different AT options before making the decision to purchase, or in some cases, the decision not to purchase AT. In this way, types and features of different devices can be compared in real-life situations (e.g., in the classroom, at home or work). Use of the SCATP device loan program helps prevent instances of AT device abandonment that happens when the decision to purchase AT equipment is made without addressing individual needs and, when necessary, considering more than one AT option.

Device Demonstration:

The SCATP AT Demonstration Center in Columbia offers opportunities for equipment loan, hands-on trial, self-paced learning, and AT demonstration, with the most comprehensive inventory of AT items in the state. As often as possible, members of an individuals family, AT assessment or service team are included when an individual visits the Center. Types and features of different devices can be compared in a single visit to the Center. The Center displays low tech to high tech technology in four major areas: independent living, education, employment and recreation. Equipment includes a range of augmentative and alternative communication equipment, hardware and software for computer and curriculum access, sensory aids, environmental controls, adapted recreation equipment, telecommunications equipment, and aids for daily living. The AT Center provides product catalogues and literature about state and local AT vendors and providers.

SCATP also offers many other services:

Trainings and Technical Assistance:

The SCATP Training Schedule includes presentations by professionals throughout the state. SCATP staff travels across the state to present exhibits, trainings and demonstrations. Continuing education sessions are offered on a variety of AT topics during the year and in Expo workshops. SCATP staff members provide technical assistance to agencies and individuals in many areas related to assistive technology and accessibility of information technology. SCATP provides consultation services to assistive technology teams statewide.

SCATP is currently working with the SC Assistive Technology Advisory Committee, under the S.C. State Budget & Control Board, in a pilot program to train both people who use assistive technology and those who don't in the evaluation of state agency web pages for accessibility and usability. SCATP facilitates statewide trainings on web accessibility and information technology accessibility.

Publications and Information Dissemination:

SCATP provides a web site, fact sheets and articles on assistive technology. SCATP provides, free of charge, an interactive CD ROM entitled "SC Curriculum Access through Assistive Technology" that demonstrates principles of AT integration in schools and showcases over 100 students, teachers, therapists and administrators from 15 school districts and 16 schools in the state.

SCATPs AT Online Network listserv reaches over 2000 people throughout the state and provides opportunities for expanded public awareness through information dissemination, networking and outreach.

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