Photo: Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education

We offer you a firm grounding in general education courses before you venture off into the essentials of your chosen major. This gives you time to find your passion and build the degree you want while learning how to apply classwork to the real world and adding internships and travel abroad to your resume.

Carolina Core

All majors start with general education classes that focus on teaching you to find and analyze a variety of information sources and to communicate those ideas effectively. We want you to demonstrate problem-solving skills, understand world cultures, history and languages and create or interpret some form of art. These skills will help you in your major courses and lead to a well-rounded life. Your Carolina Core classes will include students from all majors bringing a richness of perspectives to classroom discussions. You also will have time to firm up your major choice if you are undecided or to sample courses from other disciplines without getting behind.

Connect to the Real World

Wasn’t it easier to learn math when it involved money or buying groceries? You could see how it worked in life. That simple principle guides USC Connect — a program that helps students connect out-of-the-classroom experiences with course work for learning in real world contexts. You can select experiences from research to community service to leadership programs and international opportunities. You will discover how these connections apply to your future success by discussing them in the classroom, making presentations and creating impressive e-portfolios.

On Your Time

On Your Time

You will want to take advantage of all the opportunities we offer for out-of-the-classroom experience. But we know that you also want to graduate on time, even if you spend a semester abroad. Now with our expanded summer courses and online offerings, you can finish your degree on your time and on your terms. You also can add a minor to your degree or explore a new discipline without getting behind.