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Anne Bezuidenhout

Title: Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics
Department: Philosophy; Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-4166
Office: Byrnes, Room 417
Resources: Department of Philosophy 
Linguistics Program 
Department of Psychology
Anne Bezuidenhout


PhD, Michigan, 1990

Research Interests 

Pragmatics, Semantics/pragmatics interface, Theories of verbal communication, Experimental pragmatics, Philosophy of mind, Epistemology

I am interested in cognitive models of human natural language production and understanding. I work primarily within the framework of Relevance Theory, but am interested in other approaches too. I also work collaboratively with psycholinguists on projects in experimental pragmatics.

My current research interests include: Indexicals and context-shifting; generalized conversational implicatures; presupposition; foregrounding and backgrounding; joint reference

I teach philosophy of language, semantics, pragmatics, and philosophy of mind.