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Weather update: Columbia campus closed as of 7pm today, Jan. 17 and will reopen at 10 a.m., Jan. 18. Classes scheduled to begin before 10am canceled. See for updates.

Department of Psychology

Our People

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Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Almor, Amit Associate Professor 803-777-4302 Linguistics,Psychology
Faculty Armstead, Cheryl A. Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Staff Austin, Barbara Research Associate Psychology
Faculty Becker, Kimberly Assistant Professor 803-777-8808 Psychology
Faculty Bezuidenhout, Anne Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics 803-777-4166 Linguistics,Philosophy,Psychology
Faculty Booze, Rosemarie M. Professor Bicentennial Endowed Chair of Behavioral Neuroscience 803-777-7570 Psychology
Staff Brockington, Caitlyn Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-7674 Psychology
Faculty Burnette, Michele Clinical Associate Professor 803-734-0378 Psychology
Faculty Cai, Chao Research Associate Part-Time Instructor 803-978-7412 Statistics,Psychology
Staff Callaham, Miriam Administrative Coordinator 803-777-8606 Psychology
Faculty Cornish, Kim Professor Psychology
Faculty Decker, Scott Associate Professor Director of School Psychology Program 803-777-2836 Psychology
Faculty Desai, Rutvik Harshad Associate Professor 803-777-9029 Psychology
Faculty Drasgow, Erik Professor Psychology
Faculty Fairchild, Amanda J. Associate Professor 803-777-5756 Psychology
Faculty Flory, Kate H. Professor 803-777-4235 Psychology
Faculty Fridriksson, Julius Professor Psychology
Staff Glasser, Dianne Administrative Specialist II 803-734-0386 Psychology
Faculty Green, Jessica Assistant Professor 803-777-4595 Psychology
Faculty Greer-Medley, Tawanda M Professor Psychology
Faculty Habing, Brian Associate Professor Distributed Learning Director 803-777-3578 Statistics,Psychology
Faculty Halliday-Boykins, Colleen Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Harrod, Steven B. Professor 803-777-4373 Psychology
Staff Hatton, Rachal Research Associate 803-978-7534 Psychology
Staff Headley-Greenlaw, June Research Associate 803-777-5452 Psychology
Staff Heller, Robert IT Manager 803-777-1239 Psychology
Faculty Hills, Kimberly Clinical Associate Professor 803-777-7616 Psychology
Staff Hogan, Abigail Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-777-5676 Psychology
Faculty Huebner, Scott Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty January, Stacy-Ann A. Assistant Professor 803-777-2418 Psychology
Faculty Karnath, Hans-Otto Professor Psychology
Staff Kim, Jongwan Post-Doctoral Fellow Institute for Mind and Brain Psychology
Faculty Kirasic, Kathleen C. Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Kitchen, MiKi Instructor Psychology
Faculty Kloos, Bret Professor Director of Clinical Community Program 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Landoll, Ryan Professor Psychology
Faculty Levens, Neil Senior Instructor 803-777-6751 Psychology
Staff Li, Hailong Research Associate 803-777-3568 Psychology
Faculty Mactutus, Charles F. Professor 803-777-2825 Psychology
Faculty Malone, Patrick S. Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Manes, Facundo Professor Psychology
Faculty Maydeu-Olivares, Alberto Professor 803-777-6228 Psychology
Faculty McCall, Mike Instructor 803- 777-7152 Psychology
Faculty McQuillin, Samuel Assistant Professor 803-777-6725 Psychology
Staff Merck, Rhea A. Instructor Psychology
Staff Miller, Elaine Research Associate 803-777-2082 Psychology
Staff Miller, Wende Administrative Assistant 803-777-4138 Psychology
Faculty Morris, Robin K. Professor 803-777-4137 Linguistics,Psychology
Staff Morrison, Sherry Business Manager 803-777-4235 Psychology
Faculty Motes, Patricia Adjunct Research Professor Psychology
Faculty Newman-Norlund, Roger Assistant Professor Psychology
Staff Osenga, Michele Administrative Specialist II 803-734-0378 Psychology
Staff Outen, Connie Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator 803-777-2483 Psychology
Faculty Palomares, Melanie Instructor 803-777-5453 Psychology
Faculty Paternite, Carl Professor Psychology
Faculty Peters, Sara Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Posey, Mark Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Prinz, Ron Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Randel, Allison Professor Psychology
Staff Reeder, Tilda Graduate Student Services Coordinator 803-777-2312 Psychology
Staff Reilly, Megan Post-Doctoral Fellow Psychology
Faculty Richards, John Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Roberts, Jane Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Rorden, Chris Professor Smart State Chair 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Sanders, Matthew Professor Psychology
Faculty Schatz, Jeffrey Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Shapiro, Cheri Associate Professor Psychology
Staff Shi, Dexin Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-777-6529 Psychology
Faculty Shinkareva, Svetlana Associate Professor 803-777-6189 Psychology
Staff Siceloff, Becky Research Associate Psychology
Faculty Smith, Bradley H. Adjunct Professor Psychology
Staff Stevens, Michael Laboratory Technician 803-777-3293 Psychology
Faculty Swan, Suzanne Associate Professor 803-777-4200 Women's and Gender Studies,Psychology
Staff Sweeney, Allison Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-978-7501 Psychology
Faculty Van Horn, M. Lee Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Vendemia, Jennifer M. C. Associate Professor 803-777-5049 Psychology
Faculty Warren, Mary Ellen Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Wedell, Douglas H. Department Chair Professor 803-777-4263 Psychology
Faculty Weist, Mark Professor 803-777-8438 Psychology
Faculty Wilcox, Sara Professor Psychology
Faculty Wilson, Dawn Professor 803-576-9070 Psychology
Faculty Wilson, Marlene Professor Psychology
Faculty Yell, Mitchell Professor Psychology
Faculty Youngstedt, Shawn Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Zarrett, Nicole Associate Professor 803-777-2970 Psychology
Staff van Dam, Wessel Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-665-8659 Psychology