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Department of Theatre and Dance

Dance Education Students

What You'll Become

Our students gain the practical skills to be successful in any school environment, while discovering their individual passions and strengths in the field.  As a result, our students graduate knowing what they want to do and where they want to go next to begin their careers as dance educators.

What will you take away from your practicums?

Over the course of your four years of study, our program ensures that you will:

  • Experience teaching at every level. We ensure that you have the opportunity to teach at the elementary, middle and high school levels before graduating. Your level of placement will mirror the course curriculum of your Dance Education course so that you may implement what you are learning in classroom directly in a realistic environment.

  • Teach in a variety of school districts. Your placements will take you to different school districts so that you can have the experience of teaching with an assortment of administrations and work environments, preparing you for a job in any type of school upon graduation.

  • Work with a diverse body of students. We guarantee practical experience teaching in diverse environments. Your placements are individually designed to ensure that you have completed practicums in schools with various levels of socioeconomic resources and artistic support. As a result, you will be prepared for any challenges and work environments you may encounter once you enter the field.

Where are our students placed?

In South Carolina alone, there are 20 school districts that offer dance education in specific schools or district wide.  Columbia and its surrounding area has over 36 dance education programs available to our students for practicum placements throughout their studies and student teaching.

While most students who pursue the BA in Dance with K-12 Teacher Certification are teaching in public school dance programs, some students choose to pursue further study and other career paths related to dance performance and education. Some examples of paths that our dance education graduates have pursued outside of K-12 dance education include:

  • Founding of non-profit Carolina Dance Collaborative 
  • Dancer at Disney
  • Graduate school in dance therapy
  • Teaching in special education
  • Teaching yoga
  • Administrative work in dance in a university environment