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Walker Institute

The Palmetto Forum

Palmetto Forum

The Palmetto Forum is a world affairs luncheon seminar designed to stimulate discussion of international issues within Columbia's professional community.

Members meet on the first Monday of the month at Columbia's Palmetto Club, located at 1231 Sumter Street. The forum's membership has expanded to over 300 subscribers, among them some of Columbia's most prominent citizens. 

Spring 2017 Lectures

May 3

Dr. Josef Olmert, Adjunct Professor – Department of Political Science at USC

"President Trump's Middle East Strategy"

April 5

Dr. Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Professor – Department of Political Science of Business and Social Sciences at AARHUS University in Denmark

"The New Populism in Europe"

March 1

Dr. Augie Grant, Professor – School of Journalism and Mass Communication at USC

"Social Media and International Relations"

February 1

Dr. Stanislav MarkusAssociate Professor of International Business and Business Partnership Foundation Fellow – Darla Moore School of Business at USC

"Putin's Russia Inside Out"


Past Lectures

Fall 2016
December 7

Dr. Helmut Albrecht, Professor and Chair of Clinical Internal Medicine at USC
"MERS, Ebola and Zika, Oh My!"

November 2

Donald Fowler, Adjunct Faculty - Department of Political Science at USC
"Who will win in this WEIRDEST election ever? Guesses and maybe reasons."

October 5

Dr. Gordon B. Smith, Emeritus Faculty - Department of Political Science at USC
"What Makes Vladimir Putin Tick?"

September 7

Dr. Robert Cox, Director at Walker Institute and Professor with Department of Political Science at USC
"Brexit: The Future of the European Union"