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Women’s and Gender Studies Program

Our People

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Name Title Research Areas Phone Email Keywords
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Barker, Drucilla K.

Professor of Anthropology            Women's and Gender Studies

  803-777-3200 Barker, Drucilla
Campbell, Dawn

Women's and Gender Studies

Gender representation in media and popculture, contemporary feminist social movements 803-777-4007 Dawn, Campbell
Collier, Rebecca Instructor                              Women's and Gender Studies   803-777-4007 Rebecca, Collier, Becky
Hildebrandt, Lorena Program Coordinator   803-777-4200 Staff, Lorena, Hildebrandt, Administrative, Program, Coordinator
Jenkins, Danny Associate Professor of Music
Graduate Director, Women's and Gender Studies
Leonard Bernstein, musical theater, queer representation and interpretation in music 803-777-4708  Jenkins, Daniel, Danny, Graduate, Director
Luchok, Kathryn Instructor                              Women's and Gender Studies Global women's health, gender and health, reproductive health, health equity, diversity and inclusion 803-777-4007  Luchok, Kathryn
Madden, Ed  Professor of English          Director, Women's and Gender Studies Sexuality studies & Irish studies, Irish masculinities, gay rugby, Irish literature, poetry 803-777-4008   Madden, Ed, Norman, Director, Chair
Mann, Emily

Assistant Professor of Public Health, Women's and Gender Studies

Gender and sexuality studies, feminist studies of health and medicine, reproductive justice, LGBTQ health, qualitative methods 803-777-7029  Mann, Emily
McClimans, Leah Professor of Philosophy      Women's and Gender Studies   803-777-3731  Leah, McClimans
Messias, DeAnne Emily Myrtle Smith Professor of Community Nursing
Women's and Gender Studies
  803-777-4009  Messias, DeAnne
Mitchem, Stephanie Y. Professor of Religious Studies Women's and Gender Studies African-American/diasporan women and spirituality, black feminist theory, gender and religion 803-466-4669  Mitchem, Stephanie
Pfeffer, Carla A. Associate Professor of Sociology 
Women's and Gender Studies
Sex and gender, sexualities, body and embodiment, feminist studies of family, LGBTQ identity and experience, qualitative methods 803-777-3123  Pfeffer, Carla
Ramsdell, Ann Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy Women's and Gender Studies     803-216-3892  Ann, Ramsdell
Schwebel, Sara L. Associate Professor of English 
Women's and Gender Studies
Childhood studies & history of girlhood, gender representations in children’s and young adult literature, American history/American literature as school curriculum 803-576-5891   Schwebel, Sara, 
Swan, Suzanne Associate Professor of Psychology  Undergraduate Director, Women's and Gender Studies Interpersonal and dating violence, sexual violence, and drugging 803-777-4007  Suzanne, Swan, Susanne, Undergraduate, Director
Waters, Mary Baskin Instructor                              Women's and Gender Studies Civic responsibility, service-learning, Archiving South Carolina Women Collection 803-777-4007  Waters, Mary, Baskin