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College of Information and Communications

General Program of Study

If you’re looking for a career in communications management, our Master of Mass Communication is the degree for you. It’s designed for people who intend to work as communications professionals and combines insightful classes with hands-on experience.

Degree Requirements

Our students complete 12 classes for a total of 36 hours — divided into three parts — the completion of the practicum and written and oral exams. 

1. The core 18 hours:

  • Research Methods in Mass Communication
  • Integrated Communication Principles
  • Media Law
  • Issues in Mass Communication Management
  • New Technologies and the Mass Media
  • Practicum in Mass Communication Management (working with an organization or agency in their chosen field.)

2. Three courses in directed electives (for nine hours):

  • Marketing Management
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Organization  Behavior or Organizational Communication

3. Three courses of elective credits as approved by advisors (for nine hours).

4. Written and oral exams:

  • A five-hour written exam based on the core classes.
  • A second-day written exam based on the elective hours and practicum experience.
  • An oral defense of the second-day written exam.